Top mounted ladder bars

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    So our 2003 gmc 2500 hd has a set of ladder bars on it and I love how sure the rear axle feels in the truck. I would love to have that in my 99 k2500 suburban, but I don't want bars hanging down. I do plan on doing some light wheeling with the truck, overland type camping stuff. I didn't know if anybody had done a top mounted set or not, if so how did you like it? I figured I could make a tubular crossmember that hoops up over the drive shaft, make custom mounts and build a set of tubular bars with heims on both ends. not sure if I would do them 90* perpendicular to the axle or if mounting them to the axle just inboard of the spring pack and bringing them in tword the center at a angle would promote articulation better. let me know your thoughts guys thanks!

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