Looking for better towing in my 96 DRW CCLB L29

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Jul 19, 2021
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Cape May County NJ
So like the title says I am looking for better towing power in my 96, I pull a 48ft race trailer. The truck is a low milage, about 40K miles, 7.4L 2WD DRW with the 4L80 and 4:10 gears.

As I see it I have several options.

option 1;
I have an extra high mile L29 I pulled from a 97. I could rebuild it and possibly stroke it to 496. Maybe upgrade the heads and of course a cam.

Option 2;
I could put a pro-charger on the current engine.

Option 3;
I have a oppertunity to purchase a 04 2500 with the 8.1L so I would have the complete motor, ECU, and harness. It has about 175K miles and I know nothing about how it was treated or maintained.

Option 4;
I have the oppertunity to purchase a fiends 95 Dodge 2500 with the 12 valve Cummins. The owner is a close friend and I know he treats the truck VERY well, not sure of the milage but I think it is under 150K.

Option 5;
I have several trucks behind the barn with 6.0 LS motors. One is a LQ4 the other a LQ9 both are high mile 250K plus motors.

I already have the diagrams and ECU for doing a 411 swap so that is already in the plans if I stay gas.

Options 1, 3 & 5 would require a rebuild so I could really build it for my needs.

Option 4 would require freshening up but most likely not a full rebuild.

Option 4 is most likely the most expensive swap to perform and I not sure how I would get the gauges to work.

I think option 5 is the lease desirable. I love the LS motors but I not sure how they would do pulling the trailer.

Options 1 or 2 would be the easiest to perform. I thing option 2 might be the lease expensive.

Any of the gas options would give me BAD fuel economy while towing.

Option 3 would require more wiring modification due to the DBW throttle.

Option 4 would give me the best fuel economy as well as the most pulling power.

I would like to hear form anyone that has done any of this and hear about the plusses and minuses they have experienced.



Dec 16, 2022
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I am gonna go the procharger route myself but I only pull a 26 foot aluminum camper with a rzr inside. But I am interested in the 411 swap could you share your diagrams?


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Aug 20, 2015
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Procharger isn't gonna do anything at low RPM, won't be very useful to help hold OD with a trailer out back. Turbo is where it's at.


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Dec 6, 2020
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Northern Virginia
NJ? Want another option?

I've got an 04 LLY Duramax from a Centurion dually you can throw into the mix if you want it. 270k and runs fine. Not sure of history though. I bought the truck on the cheap due to a rusted frame that is bad bad. I just wanted the rear end and front knuckles off of it. I didn't know it had a running engine and working tranny. It is still a roller until I can get a plan in place for it. Take the whole truck minus the rear end and knuckles.


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Aug 24, 2021
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Yes diesel is best for heavy towing, but there is another option. Do you have strict emissions testing? If not, I suggest building the 97 into a 496. Port the stock heads like I did on mine, put in a cam, springs, roller rockers and adjustable valvetrain, headers, Edelbrock Performer Rpm intake, and a Holley Sniper. The L29 heads can flow 300 cfm on the intakes, enough for 550 ft-lb and 450-500 hp with a 496 and mild cam. I guess it depends on how much you like building engines and working on the truck. Full disclosure, I'm going on 2 years on my engine build and swap...