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    Oct 29, 2019
    Recently aquired a 99 tahoe 2dr. Option code in the glove says AU0 & AU3. When I asked the previous owner where the fabs where she said a coworker stole them and wouldn't give anymore information than that. I've replaced all the click buttons in the doors and in the back. I bought all the relays from rockauto so I could start swapping those out. Only.. I cannot find anything that looks like them in the fuse box under the hood, the fuse box in the side of the drivers console, nor in the convenience center under drivers side dash. I've tried seaching online for pictures of the location but all I get is a drawing with no actual pictures of where the door lock relays would be located. Anyone got any pictures with arrows I could use to see if she didn't pull all the replays to disable the auto door locks buttons? And possible the wireless receiver smh... Thanks!!

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