Opinions wanted on my street build

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Jan 14, 2018
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The Seasonally Frozen Wastelands
Camshaft: Comp XFI268 Hydraulic Roller
Was the cam degreed, or merely installed "dot-to-dot"?

Ignition: Edelbrock Pro Flo 4 Specific Billet Distributor/Cap/Rotor
MSD Street Fire Ignition Box
MSD Blaster 3 Coil
MSD stuff scares me. Especially the "Street Fire" line. But if it hasn't failed, "so far, so good".

No Catalytic Converters
I don't think of that as an advantage.

180 Degree Thermostat
Average operating temp: 172 degrees
Not sure that's an advantage, either.
Rear End: GM 10 Bolt (10.5)
What is a "10-bolt (10.5)"?

The "10-bolt" I know of is a weak 8.5" ring gear.
The 10.5" ring gear is commonly called a "14-bolt" or even a "12-bolt" depending on whether they're counting rear-cover bolts or ring-gear bolts.

Suspension: Energy Suspension Polyurethane Bushings: Body Mounts
How's that working out? I have a set for my '88 but haven't installed 'em.

I'm told they make a major difference in ride quality--much rougher than OEM rubber.

Braking System: NBS Master Cylinder, Wilwood Adjustable Proportioning\Combination Valve, 3500 Heavy Duty Front Calipers, New AC Delco Gold Pads and Rotors, New Rear Drums, Shoes, Hardware, Wheel Cylinders, New Front/Rear Lines
What brake booster?

Wilwood makes an adjustable combination valve? Got a link or part number?

What size rotors and drums?

Nice lookin' truck. I, for one, appreciate the OEM wheels.


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May 2, 2014
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Most guys who had trucks in the 90s ran Boyds, Centerlines the 5 big hole style ( they looked liek stock lmbo wheels and Jeep Cherokees had those too, The outlaw and outlaw 2 were big.pro Comp rock crawlers, Momo, Lexani,
Lots of guys ran the Camaro 5 spoke IROC or Trans Am GTA wire wheels too.
The typical old school slotted mag wheels or Rally wheels were popular also.

The reason i like stock wheels is the stock wheel is hub centric where lots of aftermarket wheels are not. They usually require a specific size center ring to locate the center hole to the stock hub center. This way the center of the hub locates the wheel and carries the weight where the lug nuts simply secure the wheel to the hub face.

the style and the amount of wheel sizes available were really very limited. 16 were considered big rims and if you ran anythigh 17 or more it was really a wow factor. Most cars came with 14 and 15 inch wheels and sport type cars and trucks came with 16 inch wheels. Even so the3 selection was relatively small.

Today you can design your won wheel and have a company make you a set. Back then you had to know someone in the industry to even dream of something like that


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Dec 26, 2020
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Central, Missouri
Honestly, I would of went with a 6.0 with a 4l80e, but thats just me.

I actually like the stock wheels on it....

I have a buddy that makes 700-800 at the tires (5.3 with a s480), he has a trans brake and leaves hard off boost, and has yet to break the 10 bolt. I actually know several people making 500+ hp and stock 10 bolts.... I made 375 to the tire, and broke my 10 bolt the first time out... but it had 4xx,*** miles and felt a big loose...


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Apr 23, 2022
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Strip and polish the wheels
White mirrors maybe
Painted bumpers
Plastic valance under the bumper
Cut the antenna down
White bow tie

But it already looks really nice as it is.