Anybody know how the passenger side seat mechanism works?

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    Hey all,

    Iv got a 95 (new style interior), with the 60/40 bench seat. My passenger seat is not going as upright as the drivers side (feels like you leaned the seat way back), and skewed towards one side. I wanted to see if anybody has had similar issues before I just take it apart with no goal or direction. A quick look over reveals some broken cables and hooks.

    Attached are some photos for more detail.

    This is the uneven skew I was talking about.

    Here is a cable with a broken sleeve, and also seems to have broken off from this little metal tab at the hinge of the seat.

    Here is a broken hook, that is on the other side of that cable. It looks like the cable activated this lever, that would pull the lever on the other side. This connection is broken. It seems to be part of the rear seat entry system, as it releases the sliding adjustment rails.

    If you need any more information let me know. Also if anybody has a video or article on how to remove the cloth from the seat, that would be very helpful!


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