1. loosh

    Seat foam coming out of seat belt buckle holes

    Does anyone have any good solutions to this? Is there a way to reattach these seat belt grommets so they aren’t just kind of floating around doing whatever they want? These seats are in PERFECT condition aside from this foam coming out of the buckle holes
  2. Jason_Staggs

    Aluminum dash?

    Hey guys I plan on building a street/race truck (not my current truck I plan on buying another one) and I just wanted to know if anyone has made or bought an aluminum dash for the 95-98 trucks. I’m assuming the 88-94 would also work considering that the dashes are different but the cab is the...
  3. Cunningham Machine

    Billet Interior Pieces for 88-94

    We are trying to bring back some of this old stuff that used to be so loved. Had a lot of interest in it when I would post teasers. Below is just a link to one of them, but we have about 10 pieces now on our website.
  4. Ruff Idol

    88-94 vs. 95-98 Interior Debate

    Which interior style do you like better and why? I'll start. I've only owned 1 GMT400 so far, a 92 C1500, and I absolutely love the older style in garnet red. Feels like driving a COUCH and the controls remind me of an old Fisher Price toy or something of the sorts - definitely retro to say the...
  5. S

    97 gmc door panel Exchange

    I have a 1997 gmc 1500 with a perfect interior but doors are rusted I bought Chevy doors but the door panel on the inside is gone I believe it’s a 93-95 style not completely sure my question is before I start taking everything off what year door inside panels are exchangeable for Chevy to gmc
  6. rmnew

    Big Blue: Headliner and Carpet Replacement

    Just finished reinstalling a new headliner and carpet in my ‘92 Sierra, figured I’d post some pictures and add some links to materials, first time working on a car/truck. I’m just glad the trim clips I fixed held up to the reinstall! Read a few threads well before the project, so thanks for the...
  7. J

    What think of the wood grain

    Starting to redo my interior going from the ole red to black and grey. Let me know what think! Still a work in progress but turning out good. I discovered that the vinyl wood will fade in the sun so I have to find some clear uv blocking wrap before she goes outside lol. Any tips or tricks to...
  8. lamvp123

    Aftermarket double din radio is the stock 1988-93 digital stereo location?

    I'm looking to put a double din aftermarket stereo in the factory digital radio location on the main dashboard where the old one sits (not the single din cassette player that sits in the center). After doing plenty of research all I could find is the dash and harness kit for the single din in...
  9. nhelmar19

    92 k1500 5.7 4x4 Climate controls not working

    Got a little bit of an obscure one for you guys, I recently purchased a 92 k1500 5.7 4x4 and the truck didn't come with a climate control unit. I went on eBay and bought a unit with the "RECIRC" and A/C button (its an ac truck so i assumed that much) got that unit installed then powered it on...
  10. Danibal

    '95-2000 armrest cover

    I just bought some seats out of a RC pickup in the 95-2000 range. I want to restuff the armrests with new padding, but the cover does not have a zipper. So, before I tear this cover off I wanted to know if there is a trick to it. Do I need to be aware of anything? Is the padding glued to the...
  11. steve91chevy

    Looking for tape deck delete panel

    Hey everyone, I have a 1991 Chevy c1500 and i just installed an aftermarket head unit that takes the place of the factory tape deck. I had to cut up my dash to get it to fit, and the original plastic panel that has the two vents in it has a hole for where the original tape deck would go. I’m...
  12. IUEC

    Idaho shade tree mechanic w/ too many projects

    Just joined. I've been a shade tree mechanic ever since I can remember. Mostly Chevys. I've got an '86 k1500, '87 k1500, '88 k2500 (those first 3 are my boy's trucks), a '95 c3500, an '04 2500 Suburban, a '66 c10, a '66 chevy milk delivery truck, a '66 VW bug, and a '57 210 wagon. So LOTS of...
  13. cocodaddy

    Making a 88-91 dash work on a 92-94

    Hey fam, if you don’t know the gauge cluster hookup for 88-91 and 92-94 are actually different. I bought a uncracked dash from fb under the assumption it was a 92. After removing mine I realized the hole where the gauge cluster hookup comes thru is actually different! So, my plan is as follows...
  14. S

    Vinyl Color Match

    I have a 1993 Silverado extended cab and trying to match the “INTERIOR” color with a rattle can. To me this should be very simple. It is Burgundy. I guess you could say maroon. I think anyone that has these years models… maybe early 90’s to 94’, we all know the difference between red, light red...
  15. Gerry Little

    Shift Column Mechanism Problems (Repeatedly)

    Hello guys, I'm kind of new here so I'll do the best I can to explain my problem & hopefully someone will be able to pass me the knowledge I need to be able to fix this truck. So heres the deal, I own a 99' Chevy K1500 4x4 and I keep having problems with my shifter breaking off of the dash...
  16. C

    Climate Control Lights Not Working

    Ever since I've owned my truck the climate control button lights do not work, I have installed new ones and changed them all 180 degrees and they still do not work. Any ideas how I can fix this? For clarification the file I uploaded shows the ones that don't light up. the ones in the red box...
  17. Raspi454

    2002 Yukon Denali interior question

    I know this is a 400 forum, but I can't get the gm full-size site to work but, does anyone know where I can get the 12v outlet covers for rear?
  18. Treyes

    Interior color code question

    I have a 1992 c1500 with the blue interior but some pieces have began fading and the color code sticker isn't there so if anybody has the blue interior color code please let me know what it is so i can repaint or re dye the trim
  19. Jesse_Wenting

    Questions about 94 K1500 build

    I'm soon to be replacing my 96 K1500 with a 94 K1500 that's in much better shape, but I want to keep as much of the functionality and familiarity of my 96 as possible so I had planned on transferring the entire interior to the 94 once I have it. This is mostly because I prefer the look of the...
  20. Aelfred-cyning

    New Species of 95+ switch discovered???

    I was browsing Craigslist on the West Coast looking for a cheap roller with a good body, and I came across this picture. Look at the dash - I have gone through the thread about dash switches before but I don't recall seeing this one anywhere. Anybody know what it does exactly (i.e. dual tanks or...