*unprofessional* Mechanic level scan tools

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Aug 20, 2022
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East Texas
I had a Solus for several years but only used it a couple times. The Snap-on man wanted $2500 for an update. I traded it for a bigger tool box but now I’m in need of another scan tool. I’m at an independent shop and don’t have any visits from the tool trucks.

I need something that will do CASE relearn and ABS bleed on my gmt400. If it will work on my truck it should work on just about anything else I’ll run into. I don’t need any programming functionality.
Do need Live data.
One of those Bluetooth OBD readers would be fine but I’ve got iOS products.

Also a computer program with a pass-thru device would be ok too (as long as it’s iOS compatible) that I can run on my MacBook.

Something less than $600. Preferably under $400. It’s not a commonly used tool at my shop. But it needs to be more than a glorified code checker.

What are y’all using?
I’m looking at the launch CRP909.
I emailed XTOOL about the A30M and they said it won’t do case and abs on a 96+ Chevy truck.

Here’s a random picture of my truck
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