The Stupid Lowered Questions Thread

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Jul 22, 2021
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Alberta, Canada
Yeah I was already looking at a notch and shock extenders. Im just going to go ahead and get a full 4/6 kit and redo it so I know exactly whats on it.
Fair enough.
I would highly recommend the Belltech kit.
Comes with everything you need, including lower shock extensions, tranny spacer and the notch is nice and beefy.
I went with the Street Performer shocks as they are well reviewed and recommended. And they are only a few bucks more that the Nitro ones.

Take a boo at my build thread and see what obstacles I came across.
And definitely take your bed off if you can. Makes it a LOT easier!!!


May 20, 2024
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Oklahoma City, Ok
Did some more investigating tonight and redid my measurements. So Im 16.5” in front and 15” in the rear from center of hub to lip of fenderwell. Also from looking at how the spindles look decently and my coils look stock, im curious if the drop ended up like a 2/6 lol. I dont know much about lowering kits yet but is there something I can measure on the flip kit or is a 4” drop usually done with shackles or something?

At this point I think Im going to get drop springs for the back, and shock extenders for the back.

Trying to figure out what spindles I have but I need to pull the disc off this weekend to see the outboard side. All I see on the inboard side is a casting number of 14444 and the L and R numbers.