94 GMC K3500 Firewood/Work Truck - Quick Build

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Mar 2, 2012
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Eastern WA
I actually just put the same Timken hub (well... the 1500 version but you know what I mean) on my truck a week ago. I'm not an engineer or anything but the fit and finish on it seemed amazing.


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Sep 7, 2012
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Got a little time this weekend to throw some parts on the regular cab.

Bolted up the new upper control arms, pressed in the lower ball joints, and added the new hubs/rotors, on the existing spindle. Went ahead and replaced the hub & alignment hardware while I was there.

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Always a fan of using new lug nuts with a new hub & studs.

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Very happy i went through the extra effort to swap to the forged control arms.

In my opinion it's just a better looking front end, and it keeps all 3 of my trucks uniform. Not sure why i'm so adament that be the case but it just keeps me from having to remember what is what across the three trucks. That way, other than cab/engine/gear ratio they're all the same.

My GMT400 preference:
93-94 K3500 Platform
Hydroboost Brakes
Forged Lower Arms
Electronic Actuated Front Diff
4L80E Transmission
14B Full Floater Rear End
BW4401 Transfer Case

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