The Stupid Axle Questions Thread

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Jan 14, 2018
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The Seasonally Frozen Wastelands
it seems to me its easier to rebuild what i got

Easiest/best is to find a "light duty" GMT400 2500 as a donor. Needs to be a 4WD to donate to a 4WD, or a 2WD to donate to a 2WD, since the width is different. Match the gear ratio.

arent GM 14 bolts 8lug?
"14-bolt" 9.5" semi-float axle can be 6 or 8 lug, depending on how the vehicle it's in is optioned. The "light-duty 2500" axle is 6-lug, in the K2500 version it's a wonderful drop-in for a K1500. Needs only a conversion U-joint and four U-bolts plus the U-bolt plates from the donor axle.

C1500s need more, since they start out as 5-lugs. The 6-lug axle requires special 5-lug axle shafts, or the 6-lug wheels from the donor vehicle.

The "14-bolt" 10.5" full-float axle is 8-lug.