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    I bought an out of state '93 GMC K2500 SLE ECLB 4x4 454 w/4L80E a while back. It's red with black two tone. The interior is a lovely shade of dark maroon like you'd find on the lounge seats at a Portuguese Whorehouse. It's all original and rust free. It's ugly but with a bit of work will clean up nicely. I've been on the fence ever since I've had it as to wether I would keep it or not long term and I have decided to keep it. Decent used trucks are just too damn expensive for what you're buying and clean rust free ones up here demand a premium and take forever to find. I was never and am still not crazy about the 454 TBI but it runs like a champ so I'll just replace it when the day comes and fix up the truck around the motor. It will never be a DD and I don't use it to make a living with so it will fit the bill for me for the next decade or so of under 10,000 miles a year. Should be lots of work left in this old girl. Glad to be here! - Mark

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