Engine Oil Temperature Sensor

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Aug 20, 2015
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I put Glowshift gauges in my dually, trans temp and oil temp. Got them with a bezel all in for I think $200. I also got a fuel level gauge but haven't installed it as I have yet to build the cell. The trans temp was bang on with the factory reading so I can only assume the oil is correct as well. I've used Autometer in the past but damn have they gotten pricey.


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Sep 16, 2020
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The new oil cooler lines I had waiting to install. My thought is the oil cooler side attachment that uses an O ring boss seal is acceptable. It's a low pressure system it provides a good mechanical seal, just don't go gorilla torque on it.
It's the filter adapter that isn't a great design.
I got a small tubing cutter and cut off the QD end to have a smooth tube. Then slipped on a -8 " B nut " and a -8 sleeve. Got out the 37° flaring tool and flared the two filter ends.
And installed the NPT / flare in filter adapter. I use yellow Teflon tape on NPT threads for engine oil. It is Federal and Mil Spec rated. Skip the first thread, then apply two complete wraps in direction of thread.
There is no AN approved metal aluminum tubing compression seal line fittings. That is aftermarket rocket scientist sketchy stuff. The only compression fittings are installed on flexible hose, Teflon or some blend of Rubber, Nitrile Butyl synthetic. Installed with small hydraulic crimping compression.
You can also make you own with replaceable rebuild able hose lines. A good source to learn about for aftermarket is " Earls Supply " who is now owned by " Holley " , Holley web site for info.
Good luck.


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Apr 21, 2018
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No that is not JIC. The threads are not meant to be sealed so good luck with that. I don't know what the big fascination is with AN stuff. carefully cut the alunminum crimps off and goto a hydraulic supply hose shop and get them to crimp on new hose. done.
Because the OEM quick disconnects are terrible. I talked to several companies and they had ZERO interest in making the correct fittings for the radiator side even though GM used them for close to 20 years.

ICT Billet even suggested using an external oil cooler. Thanks for nothing guys! Cunningham Machine also expressed zero interest. Same with Earls, Holley, Pure Choice and a company out of Floroda that speacilizes in AN fittings. There is obviously a demand since people looking for this fitting comes up so often in these threads. I would personally buy the first 10 made myself.

I had a long chat with someone from Racetronix this past summer. They were considering making the fittings. I have not seen them yet on their site.
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