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Discussion in 'OEM and Custom Interiors' started by azchrisf, Oct 5, 2018.

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    Oct 5, 2018
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    Hello everyone,
    I picked up a 94 Silverado K1500 that needs a little TLC.

    One of the things I am having an issue with is the bucket seats.

    #1 the seats rock back and forth on the track, and #2 the power seat motor on the drivers side is getting very weak.

    I picked up a pair of used seats off eBay only to find the risers, which are attached to the frame rails for the seat, are rusted pretty good. Not bad enough to eat tons of metal off, but anytime a seat frame rusts I question it's durability in a crash situation. Finding seats at all in half decent condition (the upholstery in mine is a little dirty but no rips or tears or problems) is almost impossible. Last seats I saw was for a 98 and they wanted $1300...

    So - with all that said, anyone got any fixes, point me to some ideas/threads (I did see the one swap thread, but finding seats at all like I said is an issue) or know anyone who makes brand new seats for this vintage truck? They don't have to be GM OEM.

    Thanks and look forward to posting.
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    Have you pulled the seat and inspected the frame? It's a very good possibility that the frame itself is broken. My brother picked up a set of buckets with the same problem, we were able to weld the frame back together and it's good as new.

    Oh, and welcome to the forum :)

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