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    I know, lots of names from where I am at. If your not familiar with the area, Fort Hood is right here and there are lots of little towns surrounding it. I'm in Cove, but more people are familiar with Killeen/Fort Hood.

    I've been crawling this site for the better part of 18 months now as I work on the various issues I had / have with my truck, '99 Classic? Suburban. Mine has the classic square front end. I think I read somewhere that these were re-vin'd '98 year trucks. Regardless, I love my burb. Picked it up for $800, and that's when the work started. Largely clean interior, clean body, and fixing the problems that others tried to fix and didn't fix correctly.

    Recently had a lot of trouble with it. I drove to AZ to get my brother, and on the way back, on I-10, my transmission and rear axle went at the exact same time while towing my brothers truck back. Long store short (which was really interesting and probably a "redneck" story) I got the truck home, bought a rebuilt transmission, swapped in a different axle. Got it started, coolant leak in the intake manifold gasket (front passenger side corner, behind the alternator brackets). So, top end came off.

    Ive already done the spider injector upgrade (right after I bought it), have almost completed the front end suspension rebuild with all new poly bushings, shocks, etc. The rear got new shocks and poly bushings.

    I cant tell the people on this forum how much their help has been these last 18 months, and I hope will continue to assist going forward. I've got to throw in a new power brake booster and MC tomorrow. Thanks to @Half Assed for the NBS MC swap article.

    Got my 0411 ECU out of an 02 Avalanche today, so going to be trying to reach out for the pin-out for it tonight.

    Anyway, thanks everybody. I'm sure that I will have more questions than answers in the short term, but if there is any questions that I can assist with please let me know.

    One last thing, I generally haven't participated in forums because, at least a few years ago, the quoting system was difficult for me to make work. If I screw up quoting somebody, I'm sorry ahead of time.

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