Interesting fuel gauge issue

Discussion in 'OEM and Custom Interiors' started by Jack Schneider, Nov 4, 2018.

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    Jun 5, 2018
    As some of you know, I replaced my whole cluster since I somehow busted mine trying to replace a bulb... long story... anyway! The cluster i got was from a 1994 suburban with tach. It had 294k on it but was in good shape. Everything works well BUT when I topped it off with gas, the fuel gauge went from half tank to full until I started driving away from the gas station, then it went back to half. I took the face plate off and manual moved the needle to full and went for a drive. It stayed there for about 2 miles before returning to half tank. It does seem to have a signal going to it, because when I stop or accelerate, the gauge moves back and forth a little which makes sense because it’s a bobber sensor in the tank but it just doesn’t read anywhere near correctly. I’m assuming the gauge is just bonk possibly from going 294k miles but I thought I would ask you guys and see what you all thought.

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