Friend parting out 98 RCSB Angleton TX (near Houston)

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Sep 28, 2013
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Houston TX
My buddy is beginning the part-out on the wrecked 98 RCSB stepside that I towed in for him. All he really wants out of it is the transmission, so that is not available. I got the grille and filler pieces, front bumper and brackets, and headliner board from it. Someone already got the passenger bed side before he got the truck.

Please note: he's semi-retired and works on his own time. If there's something you're seriously interested in and can make the trip to Angleton, message me and I will put you in direct contact with him. He's a super good guy (known him since the late 80's) but you won't be able to rush him on anything; on the upside he will price things fairly and describe them accurately.

Truck is a 45K mile 98 RCSB stepside GMC, C1500, 5.0 Vortec, automatic. Engine is no good, assume knocking or seized, might be OK for a core, edit: update on engine is it might actually run but has a blown head gasket, has all the accessories still in place at the moment. Rear windshield got blown out in the wreck so interior has been open to the elements for a long time.

What I can see that will probably be useful:

Body: fenders, hood, core support are super straight, paint is even still shiny on the fenders and doors. Doors look perfect at first glance but the rear of the cab took a pretty good hit (frame is bent, rear cab wall is smashed in) so I'd look closer before assuming they're 100% fine, but they do look good. Crank windows, not power. Driver bedside is probably 85% good, if you can do SMC plastic repair it's saveable, damaged where the bumper bent in and broke it.

Interior: tilt/cruise column with key and steering wheel, airbags not deployed. Dash good if yours is destroyed; this one woulda been perfect but cracked a bit from sitting in the sun. Seat would be fine for reupholstering, it got moldy and sunbaked. Most interior plastics usable (light tan color) - A-pillars, B-pillars, upper and lower rear window trim, all was removed carefully with minimal clip breakage, especially the interlocking fingers at the upper rear window trim. Seatbelts are a bit weathered.

Misc mechanical and other stuff: rear end is a 3.42 open diff, brakes seem seized from sitting but should otherwise be a great swap candidate due to low miles. Full set of 15" wheels with nice trim rings, all the caps and lug caps are there but are weathered. Wiper motor, cruise module, fan shroud, misc underhood stuff. Probably much more I'm not even thinking about. Just do remember it's been sitting up a long time so there's gonna be some surface rust/corrosion, mouse poop, etc. typical parts truck stuff.

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