Blazer overhead console screen in full size?

Discussion in 'Audio + Electronics' started by Fireball5657, May 3, 2021.

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    Actually, funny thing is the miles to empty doesn't work on normal 96-97 models lol. The PCM needs to have the fuel tank sender connected to it, and up to 97, they were connected directly to the cluster :D ... So a bit after I upgraded to a 2002 Express van PCM, I hooked my sender up to it. Thing is, I don't think the range computation is accurate at all, as on a full tank it shows 450 miles... Most I've ever been able to go on a single tank was like 340. I use the heck out of the "Fuel Utilization" display tho, as that's pretty accurate.
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    no shit eh! that's awesome! I so really like the Sierra, it's kind if a farm truck at the moment but when its not working it gets worked on. it was owned by one of my best friends, he put a tonne of money into it, got frustrated with the evo sensor going bad and bought a brand new truck. I bought it for $150! crawled under the dash, found the evo and unplugged it. drove the truck home without a single problem with my buddy following me. Iv been doing body work and have a number of panels for it. I need to pull the box and get the cab corners and a do the fuel pump. I'm hoping to get it back on the road this summer. I should be able to get er done this year. unlike my or our Burb, the Sierra is mine and I see it as my "hot rod" and it is not a family vehicle. :)

    I am looking forward to learning more about this and doing it. thanks for starting this thread!

    have a good one guys.

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