1. DKT5

    Noise Identifying

    Hi there I have 2 noises in my 1988 k1500 5.7l tbi. The first one I noticed going about 70 mph you would hear a screeching/whirring noise for just a split second then immediately it goes away. Engine warning light comes on.. after turning truck off and back on again the light goes away although...
  2. S

    High compression heads on a TBI 454

    Hello, I have put together a build list for my 1993 c2500 with a TBI 454. I figure the abysmal compression ratio could be boosted to make more power and improve economy. The list includes: less wimpy cam, hydraulic roller lifters, Edelbrock high compression heads, Edelbrock TBI intake, injector...
  3. U

    Good cam specs for build?

    So I had plans to do a 377 stroker but my 450r bike blew up bottom and top end and the suspension has been out for a while so I’m a bit tight on play money. Rather than doing an all out 377 build iv decided just to do a mild build on a 350. What are good can specs/can you recommend for the...
  4. Mitchell93

    Tbi 350 has no power on the road

    1991 K3500 with a Tbi 350 and 4l80e Idles fine, will revs up no problem, in park... when I take it out on the road, it won't go over 30 mph unless I go downhill, it just falls on it face, can hold it wot and it just don't Rev past round 2000, and just doggy, no power. It has transmission codes...
  5. U

    TBI or EFI options

    So the story is, I’m planning on building a 383 stroker. I have a regular cab short bed k1500 1990 with TBI 350 and 5 speed manual. Planning on swapping to a nv4500 so my tranny will hold up. Going carbureted is out of the question so what are my options for a reliable TBI or EFI setup. I’m...
  6. S

    Shift linkage

    So i have a 93 C1500. Just recently put a new (used) 4l60e in it. But i cant get it into park easily. I either have to throw it or physically pull the linkage on the tranny into park. I know the bushings are bad. But they were bad on the original tranny. And i never had this issue. I tried...
  7. J

    5.7 tbi swap ecu chip

    I have a 1991 Chevy c1500, originally a 4.3tbi, however I recently swapped to to a 5.7tbi junkyard engine. So far I have got it running and everything seems to be working okay other than it smelling like it is running really rich. From other post I have read about this swap everyone recommends...
  8. I

    TBI Injectors 2003 5.7 indmar Gm based

    Hi, I have no flow going through my injectors and I think I need to replace them, I just don’t know what part number that would be.
  9. Z

    Full throttle problem

    SORRY FOR THE LONG POST NEED YALLS HELP!!!!! Been a forum stalker for a long time.... love this site, and was planning a build thread..Ok, I've been doing this a long time and I think a tune is the answer but im looking for some help....I've followed this forum for a long time and there are A...
  10. H

    5.0 manual trans swap bin file

    Since the trans in my stock 1995 c1500 with a 5.0 (305) died on me this morning, I have decided it is time to finally put in a manual. for this, I've decided to just go with a nv3500, (the truck is completely stock and makes very little power so I'm not too worried about strength). I can't find...
  11. I

    1995 K1500 LS swap or TBI Rebuild + Exhaust

    I need some general advice and opinions. I have a 1995 K1500 with a TBI 350 in it that oil fouls cylinder 6 quite often. I’m thinking of either tearing the engine down to the short-block, inspecting the cylinders, replacing the heads, cam, lifters and putting in a timing set and putting it back...
  12. B

    My tailpipe is the size of a cocktail straw

    Ok not exactly, but it's definitely smaller than stock. I'm the third owner of an 88 Chevy G20 van with a basically stock 350 (iron manifolds, factory y-pipe, cat, etc) At some point the previous owner had the exhaust from the cat back replaced by someone who cobbled together such a goofed up...
  13. A

    Electrical issues. POSTED IN MAINTENANCE TOO

    I just got a surprisingly nice 1990 2500 350 TBI off marketplace for the low low price of free. Runs and drives better than it should but effectively nothing in the interior works. This thing has some pretty hardcore electrical gremlins, the previous owner did some real mickey mouse bull**** on...
  14. I

    1995 K1500 TBI 350 Running Rich

    Hello. I’m having an issue where my TBI 350 is running rich when cold and if you rev it a little it will spray a ton of fuel out of the injectors accompanied by black smoke. It runs fine when it’s warm. I recently replaced the intake gaskets, cleaned the EGR valve and replaced the CTS. Fuel...
  15. M

    My GMC stopped running

    Hello all, I bought a used GMC Yukon 1994 350 TBI, and the previous owner installed electric fans with a 140 amps alternator, I am not sure about the alternator. In the first week, I noticed that when I turned on the AC the battery gauge on the dashboard get down and the truck shuts off when I...
  16. R

    Need help 350 in my 91 caprice runs bad after 4 years

    I had the 350 swapped into the 91 Caprice 4 years ago it was from a 1992 C1500, it ran good the whole time, recently in the winter time it was close to about -30c and I hadn't plugged the car in overnight. When the car started it sounded like a tractor really high idle, I changed all my spark...
  17. A

    Crank, Spark, No Fuel after changing clutch line assembly

    not sure if this is the right place to ask this but here goes: I have a 1995 4.3 vortec with man trans. I had to drop the pan and replace bearings and during that process I developed a pinhole leak in my hydrolic clutch line. So I figure I'd just replace the whole assembly. Got that done, bled...
  18. L

    Please help! ‘90 k1500 tbi Chevy performance mild build crate motor

    We’ve been at this since October so I’ll try my best to put every part number here So I have a 1990 Chevy k1500 with the tbi setup stock. Then added these Chevrolet Performance 350 Vortec C.I.D. 330 HP Crate Engines 19433030 Summit PN NAL-19433030 Long tube headers SPN HED-69440...
  19. S

    Copper shavings in oil? What’s going on!

    Hello everyone I have a 1988 Chevy c1500 that I’ve found a new problem with, it’s got a L05 5.7 liter 350 2 bolt main. First of all I did a cam swap for a cl122494 cam from comp. I’m not happy with the install as the cam was made primarily for Vortec heads and my engine runs lean now so...
  20. S

    Thread size on TBI water pump?

    Anyone know the thread size on this plug in my water pump? I need to get a Vortec coolant bypass in order using this plug hole, I assume I can do that
  21. S

    Good hydraulic flat tappet spring kit for Vortec heads and questions

    Hi everyone I’ve been looking at the comp cams beehive springs, I understand they are duel spring, for running a 450 or lower cam should I remove a spring? I also want springs I can use for not only my peanut cam, but my other cam that I want to put in that has 470 of lift or if I just...
  22. S

    Z28 springs on Vortec heads

    Hi everyone I bought a pair of vortecs https://www.jegs.com/i/JEGS/555/514080/10002/-1 Linked here^ I’m pretty sure the springs on these heads are for a roller cam which I don’t have. I have a set of Z28 springs made by a company called engine tech, got them for 60 bucks on eBay. I am...
  23. S

    “Duramax fan”

    Hi everyone I’ve been reading up on this forum about the different cooling fans available for our trucks. It’s been a mixed bag but it sounds like there’s a fan out there called a duramax fan, it has 9 blades, is this something I could find at a junk yard? And if so what engine/models. What...
  24. S

    Serpentine belt thrown twice on a 1988 C1500 5.7 350 Silverado

    I replaced my belt about 2 years ago after a smog pump delete. I never had any problems with it and never noticed any out of the ordinary wear and tear, a couple days ago after driving through a rain storm and going through several giant puddles that made my truck look like a boat I noticed my...
  25. S

    Good ready to install vortec heads?+cam recommendation

    Hey everyone, the summit 151124 vortec heads I originally wanted have been out of stock for some time now, says they’ll be back in stock in august and I don’t plan on waiting that long to do my head and intake swap. Does anyone have any recommendations for ready to bolt on vortec heads already...