1. Aidan Kesler

    Top end build worth it?

    first and foremost I’m not a tbi guy lol I ditched my tbi for an old school carb swap for my own personal preferences! Yes I used a 4l60e carb TPS sensor mounting setup for the trans, but that’s besides the point!! Anyways lol I’m sorta new to building motors so I need some insight. I’m...
  2. Warrick454

    Shorty headers for 95 350 with an nv4500

    Just bought my 1st truck this weekend it’s a 95 k2500looking for a cheap set of good shorty headers, it’s a tbi 350 with an nv4500, im not sure if a mid length header would fit in these trucks or not, but eventually I’d like to build it into a 355
  3. Obsjaxon

    Thermostat gauge bouncing

    99 Tahoe: Thermostat gauge rapidly rises as soon as i get over 90kmh.I let off and can watch it go back to where it normally sits. It doesn’t seem to have a coolant leak and is topped up and im not sure if it was actually hot when the gauge rose but im thinking its the gauge itself that's the...
  4. M

    93 K1500 Speedo/odometer intermittently function

    I have a 93 K1500 with the 350 and the 5 speed manual transmission. starting last fall the speedometer would randomly drop to 0 and if on cruise it would cut out not too long after i noticed that the odometer would also stop reading when the speedometer stopped working. fast forward to now where...
  5. S

    What is proper power steering pump bleeding procedure? Nothing seems to work!

    Just replaced my leaking pump, pulley, and high pressure line on my 88 C1500. I jacked the front wheels off the ground filled the PS pump up to the cold full line and with the engine OFF turned the wheel side to side bump to bump probably 200 times, I refilled the fluid occasionally but it...
  6. U

    Will I have to balence the rotating assembly on forged rods and pistons?

    I’m planning on putting high comp forged rods and pistons but keeping bore and stroke stock. I had someone tell me I will have to get my rotating assembly balanced. Is this true? I thought it was only if you change the stroke and bore to a 377 or 383? Thanks, Korbin.
  7. U

    Good cam specs for build?

    So I had plans to do a 377 stroker but my 450r bike blew up bottom and top end and the suspension has been out for a while so I’m a bit tight on play money. Rather than doing an all out 377 build iv decided just to do a mild build on a 350. What are good can specs/can you recommend for the...
  8. Mitchell93

    Tbi 350 has no power on the road

    1991 K3500 with a Tbi 350 and 4l80e Idles fine, will revs up no problem, in park... when I take it out on the road, it won't go over 30 mph unless I go downhill, it just falls on it face, can hold it wot and it just don't Rev past round 2000, and just doggy, no power. It has transmission codes...
  9. S

    Shift linkage

    So i have a 93 C1500. Just recently put a new (used) 4l60e in it. But i cant get it into park easily. I either have to throw it or physically pull the linkage on the tranny into park. I know the bushings are bad. But they were bad on the original tranny. And i never had this issue. I tried...
  10. 9

    NV3500 shift knob change

    Hi everyone. I have a ‘90 Scottsdale K2500 manual. Believe it’s an NV3500 as it doesn’t have a granny. Engine is the 350. I’m looking for the specific type of knob seen in the photo. In the picture it’s attached to a 1995 K2500. Anyone know where I can find this? I’ve read that changing...
  11. B

    My tailpipe is the size of a cocktail straw

    Ok not exactly, but it's definitely smaller than stock. I'm the third owner of an 88 Chevy G20 van with a basically stock 350 (iron manifolds, factory y-pipe, cat, etc) At some point the previous owner had the exhaust from the cat back replaced by someone who cobbled together such a goofed up...
  12. VictoryRed

    Speedometer revs with tach sort of

    When i rev high ish my speedometer goes to 10mph while in park is this just normal for these trucks? 1999 tahoe 350 vortec 4L60e
  13. Tomas Urrabazo

    Bad and high oil pressure gauge/sensor/sender???

    Does anyone know what is going on with my oil pressure sensor? It is constantly bouncing and pegs all the way out making a clicking sound. My AC compressor may have something to do with this because it is cycling every couple seconds and when it cycles that’s when the gauge fills up??? I’m not...
  14. apex_geode

    Drove my '94 C1500 cross country

    I made my first solo trip cross country with nothing but my '94 Silverado (and a dirt bike)! 1994 C1500 5.7L 350ci (TBI) 4L60E Before I left, I installed a transmission cooler and replaced brake lines along with general maintenance. The trans cooler helped so much - especially on steep...
  15. L

    Please help! ‘90 k1500 tbi Chevy performance mild build crate motor

    We’ve been at this since October so I’ll try my best to put every part number here So I have a 1990 Chevy k1500 with the tbi setup stock. Then added these Chevrolet Performance 350 Vortec C.I.D. 330 HP Crate Engines 19433030 Summit PN NAL-19433030 Long tube headers SPN HED-69440...
  16. S

    Best crate 383 for a 88 single cab C1500 that came with a L05?

    hey y’all I’m looking for a good affordable 383 that will fit in my single cab 88 Silverado C1500. My main questions are as follows: Can I use any Chevy 383? Or do I have to use one specifically made for my truck? I plan on ditching TBI and switching to carb with a HEI Are all 350/383...
  17. S

    Copper shavings in oil? What’s going on!

    Hello everyone I have a 1988 Chevy c1500 that I’ve found a new problem with, it’s got a L05 5.7 liter 350 2 bolt main. First of all I did a cam swap for a cl122494 cam from comp. I’m not happy with the install as the cam was made primarily for Vortec heads and my engine runs lean now so...
  18. S

    Best Vortec head spark plugs for reliability and performance?

    Hi everyone I’m curious what spark plugs I should put in my 350 when I install my vortex heads, I heard AC delco are the best. What would you recommend? Headed to advance auto tonight
  19. S

    Thread size on TBI water pump?

    Anyone know the thread size on this plug in my water pump? I need to get a Vortec coolant bypass in order using this plug hole, I assume I can do that
  20. S

    Good hydraulic flat tappet spring kit for Vortec heads and questions

    Hi everyone I’ve been looking at the comp cams beehive springs, I understand they are duel spring, for running a 450 or lower cam should I remove a spring? I also want springs I can use for not only my peanut cam, but my other cam that I want to put in that has 470 of lift or if I just...
  21. S

    Z28 springs on Vortec heads

    Hi everyone I bought a pair of vortecs https://www.jegs.com/i/JEGS/555/514080/10002/-1 Linked here^ I’m pretty sure the springs on these heads are for a roller cam which I don’t have. I have a set of Z28 springs made by a company called engine tech, got them for 60 bucks on eBay. I am...
  22. S

    “Duramax fan”

    Hi everyone I’ve been reading up on this forum about the different cooling fans available for our trucks. It’s been a mixed bag but it sounds like there’s a fan out there called a duramax fan, it has 9 blades, is this something I could find at a junk yard? And if so what engine/models. What...
  23. S

    Best setup for low-midrange torque on a stock 2 bolt main L05 88 350, with stock trans and converter?

    Hi everyone, after getting a much better job in the HVAC field I will have much more money to throw around, I’m no longer trying to build an engine with the least money possible. I originally wanted to use Vortec heads on my block but it sounds like afr enforcers are a straight upgrade My...
  24. S

    Facebook scam?

    Saw a pair of “new” Vortec heads. The seller claims a 168 cc chamber and 180 CC intake runner. Is this a scam? Are those numbers good? I know most Vortec heads are 164 CC. He also claims these heads can handle something like 575 of lift curios if I should drive out and buy these since every...
  25. S

    Summit or JEGS Vortec heads?

    Hi everyone, so the heads I wanted to initially get for my truck were the summit heads (linked here) https://www.summitracing.com/parts/sum-151124 These heads are out of stock and I’ve had them ordered since May!, it’s estimated they’ll ship in November and I don’t plan on waiting that long...