Work Bench for a 1 Car Garage - Suggestions, Ideas, Critiques

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Sep 18, 2019
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Houston, Texas
Should have phrased that better. MOST of the pallets, at least around here are basically junk wood. Lots of spruce and pine, so it dries out and cracks. The ones that come from overseas for machinery etc, those are usually a hardwood, and you can actually get some nice lumber out of them. We used to harvest the 2x's and 4x's out of them and kept them for special projects at one job. All depends on where they are made, one countries junk wood is anothers treasure.
Yup I've seen pine ones, so busted up all they'll make is toothpicks. I used to work for a vendor service company in several grocery store chains in greater Houston, and got a couple of the receiving guys to watch for the little pallets. I like the small ones cause I could get them out of the store more easily, and they are more arrangeable on the floor. Of course now I can't get them anymore.....oh well, that's one of the few things I miss about that job.


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Sep 6, 2018
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North Carolina
The one thing about pallet wood is that it's usually pretty dry and brittle so it cracks really easy. The nails are usually pretty tough to get out without destroying the wood you want.
I've drilled nails out in the past, quite a few of these are dried out which is why I'm avoiding disassembling the pallets, instead I'm opting to cut them up to sizes I can use.