My 1990 Silverado C1500 longbed

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May 21, 2024
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Cleveland - we rock.
Scooterwrench said:
"If they did it right you won't hear much."

Well you would think. I did speak to a highly rec'd guy and told him I didn't want drone or rattle the neighbors' windows but, would like a bit of a growl if I put my foot in it.

He said with the stock cat / crossover use a Borla 40943 XR-1 muffler and an AP / EASTERN 64754 tailpipe. I bought the parts and they installed for $150.

It doesn't sound like a shot muffler anymore and (bonus) got rid of a rattle. But it DOES have a bit of a drone. Not too bad but present. I would likely prefer 1 step quieter.

That said, it's hard to keep said foot off the accelerator now!

The AC is 'fixed' and frigid cold. They did find 1 obvious leak, and charged it including dye. I see there's a drip from the front on my driveway so not done with it yet. I'll probably take it from here.

Ended up buying a different coil too, still a Standard but their 'blue streak' line. It's made in Poland! I'll have some perogi after I put it in backwards :D

Here's a gratuitous interior shot:

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I do love this truck!


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