4.3 vs 5.7 gauge cluster

Discussion in 'OEM and Custom Interiors' started by DanG, Apr 12, 2018.

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    OK, so you got the truck non-running as a project with no engine and transmission, yeah? In that case I would say it is very likely the previous owner swapped that cluster from another truck and it already didn't read correctly. For that I will go ahead and point back to my write-up about calibrating the speedometer.

    The 1991 needle cluster is pretty uncommon and I can't see a V6/manual truck coming with it; it would have generally come with the simpler "moonie" gauges which many people like to swap out to the needle style. That cluster you have only came in a few 1991 model trucks and is only a drop-in for 1991; it can work in 1988-1990 with a few wires moved around in the harness. As you've already found, the 1992 cluster is different (same electrical setup from 1992-1994.)

    Sorry for the sidebar discussion confusion about the 700R4 automatic; Derek had mentioned it in regards to the whole speedometer drive gear/driven gear situation because some of those trans had that setup, and some did not.

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    Thanks for the explanation, SoG. Yeah, I had initially thought Dan also swapped his cluster and then forgot about the reluctor ring & sensor deal as my Fireturd came to mind when thinking about his issue.

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