2012 Nissian Altima

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    Sep 5, 2012
    Figured I would make a thread on my daily. It's not a build and it's my only vehicle that's not, so this is just a thread to post about it. I got this car last year when my wife hit a dear with it and we got her a jeep instead. [​IMG] It replaced my tierd tdi jetta[​IMG]. It came with some battle scars, this one is from her backing into a van at college[​IMG] this is from backing into a hitch on a truck at the gas station after a concert. It used to be the size of a basketball but j popped most of it out the next day.[​IMG] this is from a chain that broke when I got my forklift stuck and it skipped a crossed the pavement and hit the car.[​IMG]. I drive it 50 miles a day for work and to auctions and fill it up like this regularly [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] it just rolled 100k last month [​IMG] yesterday threw some led reverse lights and interior lights in it.[​IMG][​IMG] and a black rhino gun magnet [​IMG]

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