1990 K1500 build “Dale”

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Aug 16, 2022
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So it begins. I’ve come to the determination this truck needs saved and the best way to do that is a complete frame off build. Step one is to find out and diag exactly what’s wrong with the transmission. As of now the cooler lines are leaking terribly and they were “patched” with rubber hose. Needless to say it’s still leaking. Not to mention the trans is way way over full. I’m hoping to change the lines, filter and dump some Lucas stop slip in it and get it going.

Step two is to get compression numbers for each cylinder and see if anything internally needs rebuilt. It runs but has a stumble. Have a receipt from 2020 for $1300 worth of head gasket repairs and minor other things. I would also like to verify timing and check plugs at this point just to make sure everything is up to *****. I have an idea that the original 1990 catalytic converter needs to go too which could be part of the stumble. It has a new fuel pump, distributor and coil.

But after those few steps it’s gonna be tear down time. It’ll be a slow process as the budget is thin but this truck needs saved. I’ll keep posting and keep an update of progress!


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