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Jul 29, 2023
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Saluda SC
Okay guys. I have a 97 suburban k1500. I'm about to replace the original transmission. 280k miles and 26 years of partying later it finally passed out for good. Woo-hoo! Long time for a 4L60-E. Anyways once it's replaced I'm gonna be saving up for a lift kit. I already know I want the 6" RCX. It's the best for my money, a 19 year old parts store worker. I have been doing my research and apparently you have to crank your Tbars to get thr full 6"... if I gotta crank my bars I'm just gonna go ahead and buy the keys and uppers.

So here are my questions:

-is it safe for me to buy the 3" keys and 3" uppers? I know I won't get more lift with uppers but I see the kit gives you a 4" block with a 2" leaf and I want my truck level. So I'd like to go 7 inches in the front and 4-6 in the back for a truly level truck

-does anybody make spindles for a 4x4? It seems I can't find lower control arms or spindles for a K series, only the C. I don't want my lower ball joints to be at to extreme of an angle. I have already went through the trouble of rebuilding my whole suspension, idler and pitman arm, and replacing the ball joints AND bushings in both my lower control arms, as well as everything else, like tie rod ends, sway bar bushings, upper control arms, and extended length cv shafts (I have my stock keys cranked 3" rn) as well ad other stuff I'm forgetting. I also have a brand new differential and rear center section with Yukon 4.10 gears, ready for 35" tires (I don't tow often, good cruising gear with the 35 I have heard)

-is it a full 6" diff drop with the 6" kit or is it a 4" like what comes with the 4" kit? I know the crossmembers are the same just wanted to know if the diff drop brackets are too or if I need to go back to stock length axles for the longer drop.

-do I need a steering stabilizer?

-how good are the rcx shocks compared to the billstein? I have plenty of money saved up, about $4000 and I won't spare any expense if I don't have to. I would buy the fts but I also have to buy 4 new tires as well. So that cuts into any fts budget and I'd like to have money left over lol.

-Do I need extended rear sway bar links?

These are just things I have dug around and can't find sure answers on. I want as many opinions as possible before I move forward.

TIA! -Paul

(Ps if this is in the wrong thread category I do apologize!)
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