Vortec head added lift questions

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Sep 16, 2023
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Dayton ohio
New to the forum. I'm sorry if this post has been discussed before, I have a vestibular problem and cannot scan a lot of printed material because it leads to vertigo, so I apologize if this is discussed elsewhere.
I have a 88 355 (350 .030 over) in my light truck, but I have 1997 062 heads that I will be installing. Like a lot of people I want to increase the lift capability of the stock Vortec heads. I have done the research, and I know there are 2 or 3, or 4 combos to increase valve lift form around .470 to around .530.
I've watched several videos also that use .050 offset keepers, or beehive springs, or LS springs (cheaper than Comp Beehives, which are out of stock everywhere i look as of September, 2023) and these LS spring are used in combination with the offset keepers to give around .530 lift potential. If there are more recent thoughts on the issue I am not aware of them.
My immediate goal is to use stock heads, without any machining, and get a new cam and lifters that are as close to .500 lift as I can find CHEAP, (as the flow numbers I have seen tell my .500 is at best flow and no use going much over that), with a vortec aluminum intake and 650 holley.
My question is very specific:::;; what advice do you have for the cheapest, easiest way to achieve the .500 lift? (at around 220/230 duration @ .050, just ballpark figures because I haven't purchased the cam yet). I don't want to machine anything. Later, maybe..right now...no.
I know from reading many, many various car and truck forum posts that there are going to be a lot of people asking Why? Or saying "I would do THIS instead" or any number of other pieces of advice. In this case it isn't really what I need. I am going to do exactly what I said above. I'm using a 4l60e and the rear gears are around 3.08-3.42. Long tube headers, stock convertor. Some of these things will probably change in a couple years but for now this is what I have and I'm tired of the thing sitting around without an engine..I have been converted to the Roadkill slogan.."don't get it perfect, just get it running".
I've spent 10 years thinking, and it's time to do...this is what I've got, I'm going to use it, and I'm just asking if there are any new products or any manufacturers that have jumped into the game recently. Because all the Older forums and videos and articles from 5 to 10 years ago all have links to products that are either OUT OF STOCK, DISCONTINUED, OR OUTRAGEOUSLY EXPENSIVE (Yes, I'm a Boomer). Right now I just want to achieve my .500 lift, get my camshaft, get my engine together somewhat cheaply but done correctly, and get my vehicle on the road. Everytime I look up retainers or keepers or springs it takes me to ebay or Amazon and I'm never able to verify if the parts numbers are what I need them to be.
So it would greatly help if the info was to the point and maybe included product specifics and part numbers, and where to find them.
I'm not feeble or lazy, but as I stated at the start I have a vestibular condition and looking through lots of small printed text leaves me feeling like I just stepped off of the world's fastest merry-go-round. Thanks so much in advance and please forgive me for sounding like an old curmudgeon (if I do sound that way) for wanting only the facts, without advice on why I should do it differently. Thanks.

Erik the Awful

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Aug 9, 2019
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Choctaw, OK
I used GM 12499224 springs, which are factory LS2/LS6 beehives. They're getting hard to find, and I don't trust Amazon sellers. BTR sells a similar spring for less than the GM ones cost.

With Comp Cams 787-16 retainers and umbrella valve seals you can run up to .530" lift. I'm not sure what the limit is with positive seals.

That's $170 total, and I don't think you'll get it much cheaper.