Here's your FIX for the Tahoe/Yukon Driveline CLUNK

Discussion in 'Transmissions' started by BoxerPitMix, May 8, 2015.

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    It's been a quite a few years since I've had to do mine now, but I think a little fluid does come out. I think the seal lubes itself with a weep hole or something like that if I remember correctly.

    If the shiny nickel plated one fixes it then keeping the outside shiny and free from corrosion has to do the same right?

    Since I gave mine a good cleanup I barely ever notice it and it used to be annoying. I bitched about this when I still had a factory warranty but they didn't want to fix it. I think I learned how to avoid making it happen.

    I am spoiled with very little corrosion here in SoCal. I can imagine how some peoples yoke would be way worse than mine and very corroded.
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