bench seat

  1. D

    Bench to Buckets & Console Photos

    Today I finished the installation of my bucket seats and console. I have not hooked up the power driver's seat and the passenger's lumbar but hope to do this soon. The bucket seat upholstery is in poor condition and I want to have the seats recovered in the near future. Before installation, I...
  2. loosh

    Seat foam coming out of seat belt buckle holes

    Does anyone have any good solutions to this? Is there a way to reattach these seat belt grommets so they aren’t just kind of floating around doing whatever they want? These seats are in PERFECT condition aside from this foam coming out of the buckle holes
  3. B

    Locating a Mid 90’s 60/40 split bench.

    Hello all, I’m currently banging away on a 96’, 3/4 ton Cheyenne. It’s got the standard bench seat and I desperately want to switch out to the 60/40 split bench. I’m having a terrible time finding one that is in any kind of shape. I’m hoping you fine folks might have more experience finding...
  4. S


    Searching for a manual 60/40 bench seat for my 97 GMC sierra but having no luck, anyone know where I can locate one? Thanks in advance for any help.. Steve