Jun 22, 2011
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October 31
Abbotsford B.C., Canada.
Auto Upholsterer/38 '+' years exp.

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    1. '90SilverBucket
      Sewlow, I have some questions about your black truck. Did you 4 link the rear? Have you ever tried coilovers set-up in front?

      Plan on getting Ride Tech Strong Arms upper & lower modified for coil pockets or coilover mounts.

      Belltech flip kit & max 4"/7". Possible 4 link set-up for a 7" max drop & no cutting thru the bed is my blockage.

      Any info on your rear set-up is appreciated...
    2. Corrie Tooner
      Corrie Tooner
      Good evening I have a 1991 454 ss that needs some seat repair want it to look stock as possible is that something you can do?
      1. sewlow
        Foam or fabric repair? Both?
        Jan 1, 2018
    3. TheCaptain
      Hey Ive been sneaking around the forums for some time now. I came across some of your posts and it seems you do interior work? I live in Banff, and have a 99 tahoe that I'd love to get the front seats redone rather than trying to adapt newer seats. wondering if you might be able to help me out. Also sorry if I've posted this to the wrong spot.

      1. sewlow
        Yup! Upholstery guy. I can do repairs or complete recovery.
        Are they cloth, vinyl or leather? Send me a couple of pix.
        Only prob with the OEM materials is that they're stupid expensive. What I've done in the past is to find a factory rear seat cover or 2 out of an or crew & utilize that material to repair the front seats. Most times the rear seats are in much better shape than the fronts.
        Oct 28, 2017
      2. sewlow
        Or a completely different color or type of material could be used for a full recover.
        Those seats came in a couple of different designs. I try to find rears with the same style. Makes the repairs easier.
        Easier to get me on F/B. 'Al Decker.10' is what I believe you have to search. Just look for the front end shot of my black truck as the sig. I'm not on here very much, anymore.
        Oct 28, 2017
    4. scowling
      I don't think i'm doing this right
      1. sewlow
        Send a personal message? Works so far! Lol! Gotta 'Q'?
        Oct 2, 2017
    5. Silverfox
      Hi Al; I was forced retirement around 15 years ago( bad back) but wife is still working for a few more !! As I was saying we are probably going for a weekend or week and check it all out. I just didn;t want to go where the bikers are !!! So Kelowna, Summerland,and what else would be good choices to visit and check out !! Thanks Al
    6. Silverfox
      Hey Sewlow; I have forgotten our talk earlier about living in Kelowna--Did you say it was a good place or not.!!! We are still thinking about going down there in the springtime and want to go to a nice area !! Thanks Dave
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      2. sewlow
        In the summer, all you need is a tacky hawaiian shirt, some shorts & a pair of cheap sunglasses & you can be a tourist in your own neighborhood. Fit right in & no one will ask you for directions! Lol! Wages can be a bit lower than here on the coast, but then, the cost of living is cheaper.
        Jan 10, 2016
      3. sewlow
        House prices have gone up considerably since I lived there. Lakeshore is crazy expensive! But you can be 10-15 minutes outa town & be in the country!
        Jan 10, 2016
      4. sewlow
        Rutland is the Surrey of Kelowna. Not so great of an area! Other than that, if my parents weren't getting on so, I'd seriously be considering moving back. Trying to remember...what do you do for a living again?
        Jan 10, 2016
    7. Arcane
      Man your inbox is full again)))
    8. 2000CCSB
      Hey thanks. Those are 01' tahoe fogs and the install aint bad just take off the the stock bracket and get so me strap steel. 1" x1/8" twist it 90 degrees and drill holes in it and bolt to bumper where the hole is for the valance. I need to do a write up but havent yet. sorry I took so long I thought I sent this but it didnt.

      your inbox is full.

      Crewcab Steve.
    9. TylerZ281500
      your inbox is full good sir.
    10. FastOrange
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    October 31
    Abbotsford B.C., Canada.
    Auto Upholsterer/38 '+' years exp.
    AL. D.
    I was the kid in the back seat, hanging over the front seat, naming off ALL the other cars on the road. (seat belts? kid seats? Nope! Not then.) A disease or genetics? Jury's still out! Dad had Antique/collector cars. Still does. (Resto-geek!) I loved Muscle cars.
    Most kids hated September. Not me! I would be at the dealerships every Saturday,(on my 'Mustang' bike!) eagerly anticipating the unveiling of the new models. Just a bit too young & a 'few' dollars short! Damn!
    Managed to have a few over the years, although only one was a true factory muscle car.
    '69 Chevelle. Quarter mile @13.2-12.8. Written off. (Hey, I was 18!)
    '70 Nova SS396/L78 4spd. BL/BL. Original, except for headers. 3rd. owner. Watched the orig. owner bring it home. SOLD it to get married! :( DOH!!! :(
    '93 S15 Jimmy. 383 stroker w/TPI, 700R4, 3.73 posi, slammed on 17's & 18's. Fun, but small! SOLD!
    A couple of square bodies. Both rclb 3/4t's. 2wl/dr, 8600gvw's. '75 for eight yrs. The ex. wrote it off! '86 for 13yrs. Body rot killed it!
    Been doing custom auto interiors for 30+yrs. 7yrs. lead hand in a shop creating custom interiors for corporate jets. Earned an A.M.E ticket doing that. (Aircraft Mechanical Engineer -interiors, section 27.853, with multiple sub-section endorsements) 9/11 ended that. Since then, I've earned a Bachleor's degree in education, while working on custom, Hot-Rod, & restored vehicle interiors. (Riddler Great-8 finalist in '97) Many 'Best-of's' for my customers.
    Now, 2 trucks.
    '97 Chevy rcsb, 2/4 drop. SS wheels. Fair amount of mods. It's the one-year-only blue. Shop truck.
    '98 GMC rcsb. 4/7 drop on 20's. LOTS of mods. Black. Full Custom Escalade interior. Building to pull 1g, 60mph-0 in 130', sub 14sec. 1/4's. Ongoing project. 4.3 died after 375,000 km.'s. LS swap happenin' soon as I can get time away from customer's projects!
    Handle explanation; Upholsterer, hence 'sew'(low)
    Single,= solo (sewlow)
    &, both my trucks are, oh, about, so low. (picture my hand about this high)
    The 58? Yeah... I'm THAT old! (Y.O.B.)
    My only responsibilities are; my dog, my customers, my bills, & my trucks. In that order. Although the kids (early 30's) seem to think that 'ole Dad is a never ending supply of cash! (Do they EVER really leave home?)

    Anything with 4 wheels


    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] AL.

    " can sleep in a can't drive a house." (Dagen_1)
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