My 383 Stepside Build

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Jun 7, 2022
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This post will be detailing my 98 K1500 Z71 build. Hopefully this thread will help others in their build and answer some questions I might have. To start off I have a 1998 GMC Sierra SLE step side that my dad bought brand new off the lot. He took very good car of it and kept it in pristine condition. While my dad had this truck it got rear ended bad enough to where it should've been totaled. If it weren't for the insurance guy handling the claim, the truck would be scrap. It was 50/50 on totaling it but insurance said they would fix it because of how clean and well kept it was! They had to frame swap it but a month later my dad got the truck back. This is what the truck looked like when it was handed down to me.

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I grew up in the passenger seat and words can't explain how great it is to be able to own this truck. It was my first vehicle when I started driving (2016) and to this day is my daily driver. I did a lot of offroading and dumb stuff in this truck back in high school and college but now it's time to retire this truck from all that. My goal recently is to make it a nice weekend and show truck. As of today this is what the truck looks like...

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Here is the list of exterior mods that I have on the truck:
4" Rancho lift kit
24x14 Tuff T2A Wheels (I need 22's since 24's are too big for me)
33x14.5 Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T tires
New front and rear bumpers
Tindust grill with 22" curved light bar
2014 style tow mirrors (No more blind spots!)
Custom build headlights (I did a terrible job and they are getting replaced soon)
BDS Traction bars
Chrome door and tailgate handles
Larger chrome strip panels

As of this post the truck has 295,759 miles on it. The original 350 was swapped for an HT383 straight from chevy performance back in October 2022. I have been very pleased with this motor as it added more punch to the throttle and plenty of down low torque. My original MPFI intake from 98 with the upgraded injectors was swapped onto this new motor and the computer is able to handle the 6.3L of displacement without a tune. She purrs like a kitten (besides the knock) and sound mean with the recently added true dual 2.5" exhaust and Dynomax Race Bullet mufflers. I feel like the 383 needs a manual behind it instead of the stock 4l60e but that's just me. I like manuals better and a tranny swap might come in the future since I'm trying to not drive this truck that much nowadays. Its hard because its so fun to drive!

Tomorrow I will post everything about the interior and future plans for this truck.