1. richardj23

    98 5.7 k2500 timing

    i have a 1998 k2500 with a 5.7 in it, i just put another 5.7 in it out of a 97. The truck runs amazing at idle but when i put it in gear its fine then when i drive it starts backfiring. I have moved the distributer back and fourth moved teeth back and fourth i just cant figure it out. On top of...
  2. S

    What is proper power steering pump bleeding procedure? Nothing seems to work!

    Just replaced my leaking pump, pulley, and high pressure line on my 88 C1500. I jacked the front wheels off the ground filled the PS pump up to the cold full line and with the engine OFF turned the wheel side to side bump to bump probably 200 times, I refilled the fluid occasionally but it...
  3. T

    0411 Swapped 96 C1500 No longer starts

    Hi I swapped my 96 c1500 with a 5.7 Vortec to a 0411. I swapped it and it started and ran not perfect but enough I could drive I parked it. Then the next day I drove it into my garage to clean up my cables and double check my pins. I went to start it and it cranked but it won't start it smells...
  4. hilly101111111

    Radiator Swap to 34" Core

    Alright folks I am swapping the ole 28" core radiator out for the 34" core 'HD" radiator. I have a 1990 GMC K2500 5.7L 350 and am currently gathering parts to swap the radiator. Could someone give me a list of parts I need maybe with part numbers ? I know I need a different shroud, possibly...
  5. 98sub1500

    5.7 v8 rough idle, hesitation and shudders in reverse and drive only

    First off, I drive a 1998 GMC Suburban K1500 SLE with the 5.7 V8. Not too long ago I had the rear drums checked, front brakes replaced and a brake fluid flush. Since then, never before, for some reason I have the occasional shudder/hesitation while on the accelerator and a rough idle ONLY in...
  6. J

    1996 4L80E P0713 Transmission fluid temp sensor problems

    I have a 1996 Chevy K3500 with the 5.7L and 4L80E I have a P0713 Code. Last weekend I dropped the pan and installed a new internal wiring harness and TFT sensor. I put it all back together and that did not solve my problem. The transmission does not shift at the correct times, but when I clear...
  7. N

    99 Tahoe 5.7 died on the way to work, crank no start, P0307, replaced crank sensor, no fix. Plz help.

    Hey all, I bought this 99 chevy tahoe in July, and had replaced a couple things since then. It has 224k on it, and it ran just fine before, with no real issues. Ive replaced the: Catalytic converters belt tensioner idler pulley Distributor cap and the battery since I had bought it. But the...
  8. TheTruckOfTheseus

    98 5.7 fuel pump intermittent no prime / dies while driving

    i’ve seen a lot of posts that have given me good ideas of where to start, but i have not seen anything exactly like what i’m dealing with. i hope i’m not typing too much, just want to give y’all every relevant detail so i have a ‘98 ecsb k2500 5.7 farm truck that i bought with ~202k miles and...
  9. J

    P0300 and P0302 With new long block 1996 K3500 5.7l

    I have been having a lot of problems with my 1996 K3500 5.7l The truck has about 220K miles on it. I recently had problems with it running very rough. I found out I had low compression on two cylinders, So I decided to get a new Long Block. I replaced a lot of other parts with it. -Blackbear...
  10. AFoldedLawnChair

    Hissing or rapid clicking sound coming from under truck.

    99 tahoe 4wd autotrac 5.7 No Service 4x4 light So the truck drives just fine under its own power but has a loud rattling or hissing sound while the light on the dash says 2wd or 4hi. It won't engage 4lo or autotrac but I know for sure the sound is drivetrain related as it only happens when the...
  11. S

    Thermostat Fitment

    Hi all this is my first post and i’m having some thermostat fitment issues, i have a 93 k1500 truck with a non vortec 5.7. and i’ve tried multiple thermostats and thermostat gaskets from autozone and advanced auto, and with no avail every single one of them move around within the little circle...
  12. OBS Oregon

    For Sale 1997 GMC K1500 5.7

    Selling 1997 GMC K1500 5.7 with 137500 miles. Location Oregon $8000 Clean Title in my name. No Rust, No Accidents, Clear coat does peal around top of door frame. More pictures upon request. Work completed last 15 months Tune-Up / Spark Plugs & Wires, Cap, Rotor, All Fluids changed...
  13. Kingsherm

    Is my pickup rare?

    Hello! New to the channel as of today. I am reaching out to see if anyone can answer some questions I have about my pickup as I have not come across any others that are exactly the same. I have a stock 1994, Cheyenne, K1500, 4X4, short box, single cab, manual(low 1st 2nd 3rd OD reverse), I...
  14. H

    '97 C1500, 5.7 Low/no oil pressure (indicated) at idle... FIXED

    Hey guys, I've seen good many posts about low oil pressure but not many listed a resolution. I hope this provides a quick reference. -recently bought a '97 C1500, 5.7, 5 speed, 3.42 POSI. -low oil pressure at idle (actually showing about zero), triggering "check gauges" light -previous owner...
  15. 8

    Headers help

    I have a 1989 Chevy c1500 single cab long box. I am wanting headers. I don’t know what I need to purchase for them. Is there an exhaust kit? Do I just need a new y pipe. What will I need for headers and what headers will work. Completely stock truck. I don’t know much about headers but I would...
  16. S

    Copper shavings in oil? What’s going on!

    Hello everyone I have a 1988 Chevy c1500 that I’ve found a new problem with, it’s got a L05 5.7 liter 350 2 bolt main. First of all I did a cam swap for a cl122494 cam from comp. I’m not happy with the install as the cam was made primarily for Vortec heads and my engine runs lean now so...
  17. S

    Best Vortec head spark plugs for reliability and performance?

    Hi everyone I’m curious what spark plugs I should put in my 350 when I install my vortex heads, I heard AC delco are the best. What would you recommend? Headed to advance auto tonight
  18. S

    Good hydraulic flat tappet spring kit for Vortec heads and questions

    Hi everyone I’ve been looking at the comp cams beehive springs, I understand they are duel spring, for running a 450 or lower cam should I remove a spring? I also want springs I can use for not only my peanut cam, but my other cam that I want to put in that has 470 of lift or if I just...
  19. T

    1996 k2500 low on power

    1996 k2500 5.7 fuel pressure is 60psi with key on engine off when it is idleing it drops down to 50psi and after i turn it off it will drop to 0psi. reason i checked fuel pressure is truck is low on power all across the rev range. is there anyway to tell if it is fuel injectors vs fuel regulator...
  20. K

    Need torque spec for rocker arm nut

    Me and a buddy took the rockers off my 1998 sierra with a 5.7 to check the push rods. I’ve looked for probably over an hour to find a torque spec and can’t find a definitive number. Hoping someone here can help me out.
  21. S

    “Duramax fan”

    Hi everyone I’ve been reading up on this forum about the different cooling fans available for our trucks. It’s been a mixed bag but it sounds like there’s a fan out there called a duramax fan, it has 9 blades, is this something I could find at a junk yard? And if so what engine/models. What...
  22. S

    Best setup for low-midrange torque on a stock 2 bolt main L05 88 350, with stock trans and converter?

    Hi everyone, after getting a much better job in the HVAC field I will have much more money to throw around, I’m no longer trying to build an engine with the least money possible. I originally wanted to use Vortec heads on my block but it sounds like afr enforcers are a straight upgrade My...
  23. S

    Summit or JEGS Vortec heads?

    Hi everyone, so the heads I wanted to initially get for my truck were the summit heads (linked here) https://www.summitracing.com/parts/sum-151124 These heads are out of stock and I’ve had them ordered since May!, it’s estimated they’ll ship in November and I don’t plan on waiting that long...
  24. S

    Serpentine belt thrown twice on a 1988 C1500 5.7 350 Silverado

    I replaced my belt about 2 years ago after a smog pump delete. I never had any problems with it and never noticed any out of the ordinary wear and tear, a couple days ago after driving through a rain storm and going through several giant puddles that made my truck look like a boat I noticed my...
  25. D

    97 5.7 low oil pressure fix?

    Howdy y'all, I'm having oil pressure problems, just wanted to see if there's anything else to do before I go and replace the oil pump. No reason to believe the sending unit is reading incorrectly. It tracks how it's supposed to, doesn't bounce around. It's just after the engine warms up, and...