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      mikNtx replied to the thread red pig.
      rt, thanks for the reply. to follow-up : mt2500 scanner - just picked it on ebay. they are out there. back window replaced, shot out...
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      if it helps save and best utilize a quad light setup, here's a pic driver's side of the lmc light assemblies. i suppose you could...
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      https://tredwear.com/ruckustruk-the-worlds-fastest-truck/ was looking at louvers and this popped up. four you tube videos popped up.
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      mikNtx replied to the thread red pig.
      example of it's hood patina. i shot it with a spray can for fun and fear of rust. about a few weeks after getting the truck, a large...
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      mikNtx posted the thread red pig in Member Trucks.
      hola, hola tejanos and gmt400. watching football today. thank you for great information and want to share some info and a few pics i...
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