Subwoofer stopped working

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Martin Evans

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Mar 15, 2022
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Hello yall, today at a stoplight my sub stopped working out of nowhere, just like it turned off. There is power going to the amp and it seems to be okay upon visual inspection.

Theres continuity in all of the wires so no breaks there.

I took the sub out of the box, it's a 4ohm box. I tested it and it's a bit high at around 4.8ohm. Does this signify a blown sub?
I wouldn't worry about the ohm reading. 4 ohms is a nominal rating and is an approximation. If you are getting a reading around 4 ohms + or -, the problem likely isn't your sub. A blown speaker usually will have an infinite ohm reading. Check your fuse and all your connections including your ground and your RCAs. You can have a bad connection even though you have continuity in your wires. Also, is it possible that you got liquid near your amp? I had an amp under my seat at one time and some water got underneath the amp which caused a short in the wires causing it to go into protection mode. Once I got the water dried up, the problem went away. Good luck!