Axle code, google doesn´t know, help please

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Jan 28, 2019
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Did an Ecuadorian market truck get us spec lights or is it lucky enough to get lights like the Brazilian Arteb version?

I would like to know, too.

From what I've read, I believe GM Brazil and GM Argentina served much of South America but I'm not sure their their GMT400 was sold in as many markets; GM North America may have had a toe in, e.g., Mexico. IIRC, Mexico and markets south of Mexico were served by a mish-mash of GM production over different years and vehicle models, with some parts / vehicles coming from GM North America, GM Mexico, GM Argentina and GM Brazil (and maybe others).

@MrPink may have some remarks to add.

Interesting reading, here:

General Motors do Brasil

"The main market for exports was Mexico, followed by Argentina, Venezuela, South Africa and other Latin American countries."


General Motors de Argentina


Chevrolet Silverado: The History of its Generations - Chevrolet Silverado in Brazil (this site is in Portuguese but it translates readily using Google)


Chevrolet C/K
look for the section "South American production"
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