'98 K1500 Front Coilover Swap

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Sep 9, 2023
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I've been reading post on this site for a couple years while I restored a coveted obs Z71. I thought it was time to go ahead and register.
Any way...... here are a few pictures of my tuck. It is a complete frame off restoration. The only thing left to do is the headliner.
I've also wondered how swapping in a set of coil overs would work. It would be easy enough.
You guys mostly talk about not gaining articulation and then proclaim that a coil over conversion would therefore not be worth doing.
You realize that these trucks are not rock crawler buggies and that gaining articulation has little to do, if anything, with why a coil over suspension set up would be desirable, right?
Saying that, leads me into my next question.
While i do occasionally find worthwhile information on this site most of what i read sounds like kids trying to ruin there first truck with ridiculous modifications and children that have absolutely no idea what they are talking about.
Also, the site seems saturated with members that can barely read or write much less form complete thoughts and type those thoughts into a paragraph that is understandable.
Is this what this site mostly is?

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Nice truck, that being said, your post is you basically asking for a can of verbal whoop-a** to be opened upon you. I enjoy reading the posts here, this forum is populated by a bunch of very experienced and knowledgeable folks. There are some crusty folks on here, and i enjoy them too as they are sometimes highly amusing. Whenever i leave this site out of my research when doing a job on my truck, i am sorry. I dont know what you hope to gain or change you wish to effect by denigrating those who visit and or post here. I encourage you to seek a site more to your liking somewhere else on the internet as we are very busy attempting to form cogent thoughts, and struggle to appreciate how much smarter than everybody else you are.
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