2010 Jeep JK

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Jan 11, 2023
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Baton Rouge, LA | Union, KY
My toy and an off/on daily driver. The mileage is low (44K as of 12/20/22) since I've worked close to home, or had another vehicle to use. I bought the Jeep in February of 2010 from dealer stock with just 1 mile on the odometer. I wanted a clean slate to mod it the way I saw fit. To accomplish that, I purchased the most basic 'sport' model available at that time. The only "options" on this unit were Air Conditioning ($895) and 3.73 gears ($50). The latter definitely made for an interesting driving experience for roughly a month until I upgraded the tires from the stock 225/75-16 to some BFG KM2s in 255/85-16.

Originally I wanted a yellow Jeep, but that colour was discontinued for 2010. Second choice would have been Deep Water Blue Pearl, but the wait to get one was quite substantial. I was worried the transmission might be going out (it didn't) in my 1998 Blazer LT, so I didn't want to wait. The choices were Red, Silver or White. White seemed to be the easiest to keep somewhat clean, not to mention it would hide any scratches or damage from trail use.

Before: (night i brought it home and 2 days later)
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Current Build Sheet
4.56 gears
ARB Air Lockers front & rear w/CKSA12 compressor
Riddler diff covers
Poison Spyder extreme duty trans-mount crossmember
Rubicon Express Skid Plates (Oil, Trans, Transfer, Fuel)
PSC Power Steering Pump
Custom braided PS supply line w/AN fittings
AEV ProCal Calibration Device
Smittybilt G.E.A.R custom-fit front seat covers
Smittybilt MOLLE roll bar padding covers
Bestop security drawer (drivers)
Shrockworks stubby winch bumper, MileMarker HI9000 winch w/100' Viking Offroad synthetic winchline & safety thimble, Hella 500s
Shrockworks rock rails
Poison Spyder BFH crossmember & rear bumper (need to install)
Poison Spyder Crusher Flares (steel) w/aluminum front liners
Bestop Trektop NX soft top
Bestop 2-piece soft doors (summer)
Kenwood KMM-BT525HD head unit (DTA Settings:: LF 2.3'/1.53ms/-4db, RF 4'/9ms/0dB, LR 1.57'/2.18ms/-6dB, RR 3.15'/0.76ms/-5dB, SUB 0'/3.59ms/0dB)
Front Channel: Kenwood KAC-M1814 amplifier (bridged 90w x 2) driving Boston Acoustics SL60 passive components (-2db on tweeters)
Rear Fill: Stock soundbar speakers powered by head unit
Sub Channel: Select Increments NeoPod + Rockford Fosgate P3SD2-8 in series to a JL Audio MX300/1
Cobra 18 WX STII CB flush mounted under the head unit w/4' Firestick II
J.W. Speaker 8700 LED headlights
LED corner markers (smoked lens, amber light w/flag overlay)
Poison Spyder LED side markers (amber)
LED Taillights
Stock w/custom pipe end mod (i.e. trail damage)
FRONT: Rubicon Express 2.5" springs, Bilstein long travel shocks, MetalCloak Adjustable LCAs, Rubicon Express quick discos, Synergy trackbar, Crown tie-rod, SS extended brake lines
REAR: OME 2" light duty springs, Bilstein long travel shocks, Synergy weld-on trackbar bracket, Rock Krawler extended links, SS extended brake lines, EBS Stage 5 Rotors/Pads
Wheel and Tire
36x12.50R17 Interco Super Swamper TSL SX Radials
17x9 ProComp 7069 featuring custom 'Trail Patina'

Future/Planned Mods
DescriptionTime Frame
C-Gusset D30 front axleApril 2023
Truss D30 front axleTBD
Replace front D30 axle with D60 Kingpin unit, replace rear D44 with 10.5" Corporate 14 BoltA long, long, long time from now...(sadly)
Coty-Built VW 2.0TDI swapA long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long time from now...
Install York 210 OBA system[some parts in storage] - Fall 2023
Replace the front seats with 2004 Volvo S60R seats recovered in waterproof materialSummer 2023
Install or build a Trail CageTBD
Respray faded interior plastics using stock colours in SEM ColourCoat.TBD
Spray the tub floor with tint-able Raptor UPOL liner in dark grey to match stock interior coloursJune 2023
Build removable modular rack system for the rear cargo areaSummer 2023
Clean/inspect the frame, recoat in satin or flat black epoxy paint and seal with RP-342. Spray underside of tub with Raptor UPOL. Spray rear wheel arches and front fender liners in Raptor UPOL. Spray lower rocker flare in Raptor UPOL.Summer 2023
Replace Winchline[parts in storage]
Install Auxiliary Power Steering Cooler[parts in storage]
Upgrade/replace all remaining Power Steering Lines w/braided or braided PTFEvery soon...
Poison Spyder BFH II Rear Crossmember with 2" Receiver[parts in storage]
Poison Spyder BFH II Rear Bumper with Receiver with Tabs [in storage][parts in storage]
Source factory half doors or build custom unitsSummer 2023
Install DSPMay 2023
Front Channel Mids/Highs: Replace components with CDT Audio Unity 7.5 sidebands in custom dash pods where the current tweeters sit.[parts in storage] / May 2023
Front Channel Midbass: Install Anarchy 704 midbass drivers in stock 0.11 cu.ft. sealed dash enclosuresMay 2023
Front Channel Power & Processing: Add DSP unit to enable fully active front channel setup. Move Kenwood KAC-M1814 amp to mid/high duty to drive the Unity 7.5s at 90w/ch bridged. Add second amp (Kenwood KAC-M3004) at 150w/ch bridged to drive Anarchy 704s.May 2023
Rear Channel: Replace stock sound bar speakers, running limited (80-3500Hz, -8dB to -10dB attenuation, delayed)May 2023
Replace sub and box with 10" unitTBD
Consider ditching CB radio and replace head unit with Apple Car Play compatible Kenwood double-din head unit.TBD
Build custom stainless high clearance setup with a Borla XR1 mufflerunknown
Replace front springs with Metal Cloak dual-rate springs[parts in storage]
Replace rear springs with Metal Cloak dual-rate springsTBD
Replace stock rear control arms with Metal Cloak armsTBD
Replace all Duroflex bushings in front LCAsvery soon...
American Iron Ball-joint Delete Kitvery soon...
Replace aging Bilstein 5100s with like units or possibly upgrade to something elseTBD
Wheel and Tire
Replace the 7069s with Hutchinson RockMonster D.O.T. Beadlock rims in Argent or BlackWhen I win the Powerball...

Off-Road Trail List (what I can remember)
Trail / ParkLocationDate(s)
Big Easley Property (LA4x4)Easleyville, LAmultiple
Dirty Turtle ORV ParkBedford, KYAug 2010
Catahoula Recreation ORV ParkSicily Island, LAmultiple
Daniels Property (LA4x4)St. Francisville, LAmultiple
Wilson Property (LA4x4)Wilson, LAmultiple
Barnwell Mountain Recreational Area
Gilmer, TX
Jan 2014
Superlift ORV ParkHot Springs, ARJuly 2014
Overland Trail / Trip List
The AVOID INTERSTATES TripBaton Rouge, LA to Union, KYSept & Oct 2019
— Part I via US-61 to Natchez Trace Parkway to US-61Baton Rouge, LA to Vicksburg, MSSept 11, 2019
— Part II via Old US-80 to MS-467 to Natchez Trace Parkway to TN-100 to US70 to TN-174 to US-31Vicksburg, MS to Lucas, KYSept 12, 2019
— Part III via US-31 to KY-218 to KY-436 to KY-88 to KY-61 to US-68 to KY-55 to KY-555 to US-62 to US-127 to US42Lucas, KY to Union, KYSept 13, 2019
— Part IV via US-25 to US-68 to KY-169 to US-27Union, KY to Burnside, KYOct 2, 2019
— Part V via US-27 to TN-29 to US-70 to TN-58 to TN-305 to TN-30 to US-411 to US-41 to Cumberland Blvd to Cumberland ParkwayBurnside, KY to Atlanta, GAOct 6, 2019
— Part VI via Cumberland Parkway to GA-70 to GA-154 to US-29 to GA-34 to AL-22 to AL-259 to Al-9 to US-231 to US-21 to US-80 to US-31 to AL-225 to US-98 to US-90Atlanta, GA to Biloxi, MSOct 7, 2019
— Part VII via US-90 to US-190 to LA-22 to LA-42 to US-61Biloxi, MS to Baton Rouge, LAOct 7, 2019


Jan 11, 2023
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Baton Rouge, LA | Union, KY
I put the Trektop NX on in the Spring of 2014 and up until this fall I could count on one hand the days the sail panels were installed. It spends most of the time in bikini mode, rain or shine. This includes a few rare snow/ice storms and a few hurricanes too. Scraping the outside of your car windows sucks...having to scrape the outside and inside, even more so.

A very cold drive to work that morning...thankfully it was only a 2-3 minute trip.
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Pre/Post Ida. Turned into the wind direction and installed a few ratchet straps to help keep the top secure.
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Supporting Member
Feb 13, 2023
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Vail, AZ
Since you’re a fan of yellow….

I sold this a bit over a year ago because I needed a 3/4 ton truck for a long multi-trailering-trip move. I miss it and may very well end up with another.


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