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Dec 2, 2009
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Welcome to GMT400!

- The forum software is a beta version and there are several kinks in it we know about and will be fixed with the full release. However this software is more capable and uses a social-networking / blog theme. You will pick it up quickly but feel free to ask me or check for help. -

Please take the time to copy your pics and tech posts from any other forum to this one. There are two dedicated sections (Build Threads) where you can keep a journal of all your work to your truck. You are the only one who can post in your own threads there to keep it in journal style.

It is my goal to describe these vehicles in their entirety so that someone who was unfamiliar with any area of the vehicle could be able to work on them. Any help in that direction will be great, thank you very much.


Make sure you are familiar with the rules below. Memorize them. Read them daily if you have to. If you break a rule, you will likely be punished. Punishment can be a temporary or permanent loss of privileges. Most users have been around for many years and not had any problems. This is because they know the rules!


Welcome to GMT400, the ultimate site for 88-98 Chevy truck enthusiasts and owners. These trucks are used by everyone and have been customized in every way possible. The members at this forum come from all backgrounds and experience levels. This site is meant for discussion of technical topics and we are going to try very hard to keep it clean and organized so that new members easily find what they are looking for and regular users have an enjoyable and efficient time browsing and reading. These rules outline the way in which we would like those who wish to post here behave.

- Basics -

Full Access - After 100 posts and six months you automatically get a full access account. This includes more PMs, bigger sig, profile and avatar pic uploads. Also custom user titles and new thread posting access to the classified section.

CONTENT - CONTENT is the main objective of this forum. Foul language is not permanent. For EACH post you make ask yourself is it informative, funny, detailed, or awesome in any way. If not, then you are risking having the post deleted and sanctions against your account.

Signatures - Try to keep the pics not more than 200 px high and only a couple lines of text below MAX. Points will be handed out for enormous sigs. No foul language will be allowed in the signature or avatar as well.

Shortposts - "LOL" and other one word posts do not satisfy the content requirements.

Literacy - If we can't understand what you're saying or its a gigantic pile of words that goes nowhere, it will be deleted. Internet lingo (can haz) and other crap will usually not be tolerated.

Militanism - If you don't like something thats fine but don't spam it everywhere just to be annoying. Write a single cohesive argument in a dedicated thread about it and leave it at that.

Whining - Post deleted? Thread deleted? Put on posting probation? PM me about it don't ***** up the forum about it.

Be Specific - Extremely vague requests for help or advice will be deleted. We need model information, engine type, whats working what isn't what you tried to do to fix it. What you saw when you investigated the problem etc.

Politics - Trump was the President. Now Biden is. Talk about it somewhere else.

The Lounge - In The Lounge the rules will be less enforced but post at your own risk!

If you are an idiot and you make sure to let everyone know it - your time here will not be long.

- Threads -

Placement - The forums have been split up very carefully to allow threads to stay closely related in each section. If you put threads in the wrong place they will usually be moved, sometimes deleted.

Ruining - If you try to derail a thread in a negative way your posts will be removed and you will be gagged for several days.

Classifieds - You need a full access membership to post new threads in the classified section.

Build Threads - The Build Thread sections are for you to cross post your technical writeups and photos. You can only post in your own threads in this section. Copy your best posts from all around the forum and paste them into your thread about your truck. One thread per vehicle.

- Punishment -

We are using the VB infractions system. It uses a series of points to adjust your account abilities. Basically it goes like this:

First offense and you get gagged for 2 days. You can read but not post.

Second in a row you get banned for 2 days.

After your points expire, you are back at 0.

After that it all depends on what you do. If we keep having to deal with you then goodbye.

The admins here have final say over everything. If we don't like something, its gone.

If you have a problem, question or need help feel free to message me or one of the other staff members.
Enjoy the site!
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