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    I’ve got a ‘99 cclb obs truck. The interior is in pretty good shape overall, but the headliner is really starting to get to a point I need to do something about it.

    I went to pretty much the only good upholstery shop in town, he gave me a good price, but said he’d do only cloth. Maybe this is because the big cab, but I had a ‘98 that had a vinyl ceiling, and I absolutely loved it. If I’m stuck with cloth, that’s ok, but I can be patience if there’s another option.

    I am also curious, what the ceilings on these trucks look like with nothing? I had an ‘84 forever, and in the last few years took the headliner out, and the ceiling looked awesome, best paint on the truck. Do the 88-98 ceilings look good like that too? If I did just lose the headliner, would it be louder or anything would you think? Or loose any insulating value? Has anyone done this? Does anyone have any pictures of what this might look like?

    Your thoughts would be appreciated.
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    Picture I found on the internet, it's a 99, but the 88-98 ceilings look about like this with no headliner. With the structural ridges and such.

    You can get ABS plastic Headliners, I think they are around a hundred bucks, My brother got one for a Fire bird project and it looked pretty good, sort of a wrinkly texture and easy to paint.
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    he has a crew cab. there will be center braces.
    remove it yourself and recover. i did mine 10 years ago and still looks new. got fabric from wallys. adhesive called heads up. 4 cans. don’t need to have foam backing. that’s what deteriorates. or get the heads up fabric with foam.
    might be hard to get it for a cc.
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    Find a different upholsterer.
    I've done more than several in vinyl, my own included. In mine, I used perforated vinyl. Kind of similar to the original factory material in '70's-'80's Camaros.
    The proper H/L material has 1/8" foam bonded to the material, so for the H/L to look 'right' there has to be some foam glued to the panel first.
    I use 1/8" closed-cell. This will not suck up the glue & cause the foam to collapse & stick to itself due to the saturation. Don't glue fabric or vinyl right to the panel itself. It needs that foam.
    This is a job you can do yourself. It's a pretty easy. I'll take more time to re-n-re the panel than the actual recovery time.
    If you wish to do this yourself, I'd be more than happy to walk you through the process, using the proper glues/foam & the fabrics/vinyls of your choice. Figure it'll take you a good afternoon's worth of time.
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