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    Hey guys,

    Bought some rims for my truck a few months ago, really like them, but I really wish I had my previous rims again. Problem is, the reason why I sold them was because the rim was 16x8" (w/ stock 265 tires) and it would rub my mud flaps, even when I took them off, I had about a quarter to a half an inch at best of clearance between the tire and the flare. I have put the GMT800 style 16x6.5" (w/ stock 265 tires) rim on now and they don't rub. Is there a frame difference probably between half tons and 3/4 tons? I have looked at another 3/4 ton with 265s and a 16x8 rim and it has about an inch to inch and half of room between mud flap and tire. Why is this? Kind of confused here. I am thinking it is most likely a frame issue or even just a simple as leveling out my truck? On that 3/4 ton truck, the tire sat more center or a little bit forward in the wheel well, whereas mine sits a little more to the right in the wheel well when staring at it from the side, center but more to the right. Would like to put 16x8s on again in the future, but I can't because I am so limited. I am even a little hesitant to even put 16x7s on, and there is little to no 16x6.5 aftermarket rims out there to choose from. Really don't want to tear apart my front end and have it realigned again.

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    I believe stock wheels for these trucks are 16x7 already. To answer your question, the frames between 3/4 and 1/2 ton trucks are different, however I don't recall exactly how. I know the locations for control arms changed and there's a lot more boxed area to a 3/4 frame.

    To me the most important thing is offset and backspacing. Stock wheels are 16x7 with 4.5in backspacing and 0 offset, if I recall correctly. If the 16x8s you bought are more backspace or a negative offset, it would push them closer to the fender when turning.

    Edit: My information is based on stock sizes for a half ton.

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