Reverse Safety Cameras & Extra Lighting Question

Discussion in 'Audio + Electronics' started by neko_tensai, Jan 11, 2017.

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    I thought I would share this idea. On there is a PLCMTRDVR46 4 camera system with a small 7" monitor. Its about $200 on Amazon.

    First off, I think it might be worthwhile, because I picked up a cheap bluetooth Pyle stereo for $35. It was a PLR27MPBU and is actually $22 now. Thats really cheap... Its not going to drive huge woofers, but I ran it to an amp and it connects to my phone (for music, not actually talking on it) on bt and works quite well. This is the second one I bought, the first was awesome too, in an older car I sold a while back.

    Ok, so Pyle is well known I guess. This is cheap electronics. I think it might be a decent camera system too.

    My idea is to wire the PLCMTRDVR46 4 camera system into the suburban because its big, I cant see sh** behind me backing up and I'm worrying about hitting things, or more importantly, people and mostly children and little old ladies hobbling along in the grocery parking lot. Also, either this or another similar system should have a dvr feature to record. So I could make some interesting off roading videos with 4 angles simultaneously ;) Of course the cameras are probably 480 but so what. They are weatherproof.

    I don't know where I would mount 4 cameras though.

    Ok, now for the lighting question.

    I wonder how I can discretely put some lighting on the front of my 94 Suburban. I don't want big Hella 5" round lights, but I would like 100 watts or more each side, stuck somewhere that wont get damaged easily. I mean, if I roll the truck off a cliff or crash through a hillside shanty town, I want the lights to still be working. So, somewhere tucked in the grill might be good but it would be difficult to mount. I dont want anything mounted on the bumper or roof. I thought it would be cool if I could make a recess in the side mirrors and put some high power LED lights with a moderate angle of coverage. Probably a bad idea.

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