Wheels for a 4/6 drop?

Discussion in 'Lowered and Bagged Suspension' started by kemo sabe, Oct 19, 2012.

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    From the info I have found my 1/2 ton ECSB with small block has the same coil springs as are used in the big block trucs, Suburban and 3/4 ton trucks. If this info is correct I already have a 3/4 ton front spring. Belltech also uses the same part # for ECSB, 454 SS, 3/4 ton and Suburban...different part# for RCSB with small block. With that being said, I will just cut my stock coils instead of seeking out a 3/4 ton spring from the bone yard.
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    If you're going off of the Moog interchange, it's not always the same as the factory offering - the factory probably had slight differences and then Moog offers something in the middle. I have not checked the GM part numbers though.

    The diesel 2500/3500 springs are stiffer, though. I have a set of those with 1 coil removed on the front of the Tahoe Limited and it's honestly about perfect for what I was shooting for. You have to have good shocks though, or it will bounce like crazy. Chevy Express 3500 front shocks at a minimum from what I have tried, though I'll be getting a set of RideTechs in there soon.
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