U joint size 89 c2500 14 bolt to 2003 suburban driveshaft

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Tractor joe

Jun 24, 2021
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Loxahatchee Florida
So I've got my 5.3 4l60e swap done in my 89 c2500 light duty 6 lug, with a 14 bolt read end..

The suburban u joint works but rhe u joint caps to the 14 bolt are a tad to small maybe 1/8 of play between the u joint cap and 14 bolt yolk..

So I found I need a Spicer 5-460x online so I ordered one.. turns out the caps are the correct size for the stock suburban driveshaft and 14 bolt.. but the length is to short.. pictures attached to show what I mean.. the old u joint is from the 89, new is the Spicer 5 460x