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Jun 26, 2020
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grass valley, calif USA
Has anybody been able to use the Tunerpro RT. I bought the program and the recommended cable to hook up to my lap top. Well I guess I just don't understand what they want because I cannot get it to do anything.
I tried looking at some forums but couldn't find any helpful info.
Maybe I need something else that I don't have.
I had Harris TBI burn a chip for me but the truck seems to be to rich at idle, it surges/hunts at idle and I need to get it smog checked in the next couple months, (gotta love calif)
I have a 88 K1500 with a 5.7 vortec engine running the TBI fuel injection, with calif emissions. I have the 18lb spring, the 46mm throttle body, it bigger f/p. It runs ok just drinks fuel and the idle problem.
I hope someone has done this and can maybe lead me in the right direction.
I think I need the chip flashed again, but can't get the info I need out of the ECM.
Thanks for reading this long post.


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Jan 3, 2019
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Tonopah, AZ
Well I guess I just don't understand what they want because I cannot get it to do anything.

@PlayingWithTBI may have some advice for you.
Working on it , LOL

Do you have the corresponding .adx definition file for your ECM? I'm guessing you have the 1227747 ECM so, you need the $42-1227747-v5.0.adx (latest version I know of). Or at least whatever $42-1227747.adx you can find. Click on "Acqusition/Load Definition File to load it.

Then you need to set your comm port with the ALDL cable connected. Go into device manager (Windows 7, 8, 10) to set it up on your laptop. Then go into TunerPro RT5 (regular TunerPro will not work for data logging). Click on Tools/Prefernces/DataAcq./Emulation. Then click on the left side Configure Plug-in Component to make sure your have "Standard Serial" and the Port number set the same as your device manager.

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Note: Harris doesn't (or at least didn't for me 3 years ago) set the patch so you can see accurate RPM and injector DC. You have to set that to get good data when monitoring or data logging.
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