Transmission screech.

Discussion in 'Transmissions' started by totlu81, Mar 22, 2020.

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    I have a 1993 GMC RCSTB (regular cab stepside box) It is equipped with a 5.7l with the 4l60e (as far as I know.) It's a factory conversion truck by Tiara. It had a shift kit or performance tune to the transmission and an aggressive tune on the engine. Today I pulled in to my brothers and it started screeching while I move. He happened to be outside and told me it was coming from the back passengers side. We pulled the wheel and low and behold the pin that holds the parking brake to the shoe fell out. I saw no sign of it having rubbed anywhere. My brother thought the clip ground itself to oblivion on the drum and that was the noise with the remaining of it falling out when we pulled the drum. I wasn't convinced. After putting it back together and placing the truck in neutral I spun the tire. A slow screech came out of the transmission's tailshaft. It sounds like the output shaft bearing is dry but the fluid was up. I drove it half a mile home and it was terrible. It sounds like a dry bearing screech.
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    U-joints good? I'd pull the driveshaft and check them VERY carefully.

    If it's really in the tailshaft, and it's something more than the tailshaft bushing pressed into the tail housing, I think you're going to have to gut the trans to get to it. The tailhousing should unbolt fairly easily, though--once you support the trans and remove the mount and crossmember.
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    Hey @Schurkey I see you changed your signature, I like it but. It'd be nice if we could get China to pay for it but, doubtful. Sorry for going off topic...
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    Before pulling tranny tailshaft hsg, pull the driveshaft and check the U-joints and slip yoke.
    If the thing screeches in all gears and reverse, it's probably not the trans. If the tailshaft bearing is failing, you'll see that on the yoke.
    I'd bet on failing joint.
    If no trans tail seal leaking, probably not the bushing.
    And, converter bolts loose, out falling out will do the same. But they squeal when engine is running. U joint only when rolling.

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