This Aerodynamically-Shaped Cargo Box Reduces Tailgate Drag when Driving with no Cover

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    If you want to get quick and easy access to your valuables stored in your truck’s bed, consider choosing the AeroBox over a traditional toolbox. It is designed to be mounted close to the tailgate and can be quickly removed and rolled away on integrated rollers into your garage or other locations. The AeroBox is made from durable, lightweight polyethylene using the rotational molding process. When installed at the back of the bed, it reduces drab caused by the tailgate and improves traction by putting additional weight on the rear axle.

    The Standard version of the AeroBox is secured on the truck bed floor using universal mounts. The Premium Package comes with molded side mount panels that are bolted to the sides of the bed walls near the tailgate. It also has exterior tie-down rings for securing long items in the bed and interior divider panels for organizing your cargo. Since the AeroBox is sitting lower than the bed rails, you can use it with almost any tonneau cover.

    AeroBox® ABSA02 - Standard Single Drop Door Rear Mounted Truck Bed Cargo Box

    AeroBox® ABUA02 - Premium Single Drop Door Rear Mounted Truck Bed Cargo Box

    Box Width: 58.5" (which is also the minimal tailgate opening)
    Depth: 19"
    Height: 19
    Weight: 50 lbs.

    Standard Features:
    Integrated compartments for small items in the door
    Door can be removed and used as a portable work surface
    Seamless rotational molding construction
    Recessed features on the top and back walls for securing long cargo in the bed
    1/4 turn universal floor mount fasteners make securing your box to the truck an easy task
    Decreases drag caused by the tailgate
    Works with most tonneau covers and camper shells
    Uses premium locks and existing tailgate security
    Easily to remove and roll to a new location
    Locks into place easily in a truck bed
    Black grained texture
    Made in the USA

    +Premium Features:
    Side panel mounts
    Interior divider panels
    Exterior tie down rings

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here, in a personal message, or contact our sales team at 800.505.3274 (toll free)
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    Interesting. What are your prices for the different options available?
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