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Christian Steffen

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May 31, 2016
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Green River, WY
I had a worse clatter when I still had dino oil in it, but since I've switched to Amsoil I didn't have any problems for a while, but like I said to Christian, I've noticed the clatter has faintly come back here recently. Don't know if it's because of the cold snap that passed through or just a coincidence,

I doubt it's the cold.. could just be lifters though, which would be good to replace if you're in the top end. Oil analysis would also point you in a direction there, if it doesn't show excessive bearing metals I wouldn't worry too much.


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Apr 21, 2018
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That's pretty damn impressive!
It was! Never could find the article, but did find mentions of it. IIRC Car Craft called it the Big Bang Big Block and it was in response to the Big Bang 5.3L that Hot Rod magazine had done. I may have the actual article in a box of old magazines at the shop. Need to check for it and a few others no longer online.

More details

454 Big block out of a 90 one ton truck, did nothing to it but ad a mild hydraulic cam, (529 lift, 226/234 at .050),and some Race Rite Aluminum Heads. They kept the cast crank, the stock rods, and cast pistons. They did regap the rings to keep them from closing.

Added....... Two turbos, 76 mm models from CXRacing, that would allow up to 29 pounds of boost blowing through a modified 850 Holley.

They tested first with no turbos, just the heads and cam. It made 442 HP at 5200, and 477 ft lbs of torque at 3900. Not bad for about 8 to 1 compression.

With the turbos, starting at 7 pounds of boost, the Hp went to 607, and torque at 667.
8.3 pounds of boost yielded 657 HP,
11psi went to 730, and 16.4 psi yielded 869 HP,
and then 958 HP at 19.2 psi. Torque was at 1032 ft lbs.

They then went to racing gas, and
finally hit 1237 HP and 1322 ft lbs of torque at just over 29 psi of boost.

They flogged the devil out of this "junk yard" engine, and the cast crank, cast pistons, and stock rods never gave up.

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