The farm truck has lived

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Dec 8, 2021
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So I was going to give up on this truck and sell it until a couple of my buddies came by and helped me try to fix the issue. Before that I had an issue with the power steering! The rubber hose had a leak and kept leaking all the fluid in two turns. Ordered the new, thank you Amazon prime you came in clutch. I tried replacing the brake pads until I decided to let one of my friends help me because I suck at car mechanics like I could barely do the oil change. Did the brakes, they work splendidly. The rotors didn’t need replacing they look fine.

I went to the boys restroom for a bit while the guys were working on the electrical issue. Came back and the truck turned on immediately. Which was surprising before if I let the terminal connected to the battery it would die in 10 minutes. I decided to turn it off for the day, let the terminals stay connected to the battery until the next day. Today in the morning I turned it back on and was ready to face the inevitable until the truck turned on immediately again! So the truck is doing pretty good, drove it around, raced a mustang, lost. Felt like the farm truck was back in fighting shape. Until it wasn’t.

Another problem decided to slide in. The taillights don’t work. When I have the headlights turned off, they work fine, but when they’re on the taillights stop working. So that’s another bump in the road, if you guys can help find out what’s wrong with I’d appreciate, I just want to drive this truck more often. Deep down this truck may be slow but it still gives me the thrill the fact that it has a v8.