Suburban storage compartment subwoofer.

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Martin Evans

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Mar 15, 2022
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Hey all,

Looking for a little extra boom boom in my 99 k2500 suburban. I’d rather not lose cargo space or the ability to fold the seats down. I was wondering if anyone tried to stuff a subwoofer in the storage compartment in the rear passenger side. I think I can get one of those compact under-seat subs in there on its side. I don’t know much about them so idk if it’d be noticeable. The other option would be a subwoofer tube set up. Just curious if anyone has tried this with any success or has any input. Thanks
If you are considering getting an under seat compact subwoofer with a built-in amp, why not just put it under your seat? Otherwise, you should be able to put something in there. You might want to custom build a speaker box. I don't know how much space is in that storage area, but kind of a general rule of thumb for sealed boxes(which typically are the smallest box for any given speaker size) is an 8" sub needs about .5 cubic feet, a 10" needs about .75 cubic feet and a 12" needs about 1 to 1.25 cubic feet. If you remove the carpet from the cover, you could cut out an opening in the plastic, place some sort of grille over the opening and then replace the carpet. That would leave it stock looking. You should be able to mount an amp under one of your front seats.