Snow Plowing HEAVY Snow...Pic heavy for your enjoyment


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Aug 20, 2015
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I bought my snow shovell in 1989.
Ive used it about 4 times.
3 of those times were fake because I told my wife I had to make sure the sidewalks were safe.
And I had to make sure the 4x4 truck was working.
And I was out of beer.
And I wanted to go play in the snow with the truck.
And this is how it works out when you think you are being slick.
Well, while you are out,
Stop buy the store and get three cans of canneli beans and one Jalepeno and two carrots and two stalks of celery and some insane unavailabe spice.from the.mideast.
She knows that I just want to go play in the snow with my truck.
She knows that at least one thing on that list cant be found without going to 6 or 8 different places.
And she also knows that I will drive through the snow to those different places to get it.
I married a truck enabler
She doesnt really need some spice from madigascar
I really dont need to go find it in the middle of a snow storm.
I just get to go play with my truck.
Snow up here is pretty much play time.
Snow in Chicago or Detroit or Bode Iowa is a whole different thing.

I used to do the same thing back in SD, go out in the middle of it and romp over the snow drifts. Nice big wide roads with nobody on them. We don't get crap here in CO, it's just not the same.


Jan 6, 2015
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how many inches you pushing? we don't get snow like that down in the middle of Mich. any more

Well, thats a two-fold answer. I had been ignoring drifts for a few weeks that I should have cleaned up before this snowfall. Those were about thigh high in the worst parts, Then I got about 7-8 inches on top of those.