Shock tower strut bay under the hood

Discussion in 'Full Custom Suspension / Cages / Fab' started by Bob Richards, Feb 14, 2021.

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    Eh everyone has anyone installed or know for sale or going to be installing a under hood over the top of engine strut/sway bar?
    Idk if anyone’s ever made or sold one? If so has it improved regular ride quality? I can only assume it’s helpful cornering not that anyone is race tracking their trucks lol. But anyway another out of the box question from me lol. And has anyone swapped for rear discs and if so are they anti-locking or just disc brakes? Used a Kit or had installed or taken from a newer model?
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    So the strut bars are only relevant on vehicles that use McPherson struts. The strut brace (in theory) ties the two sections of the body that support suspension parts together and prevents flex. These trucks do not use the body as a suspension mount. Torsion bars on 4x4, and coil springs to the frame on 2wd.

    Since the body isn't incorporated into the suspension, I see no reason why this brace would serve any function beside looks. I think it's only for unibody designs.

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